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Dimensional Inspection Equipment

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Cross Dimensional Inspection Tools

Cross offers a variety of dimensional inspection equipment from industry leading brands. The products we offer include both contact and non-contact inspection formats so no matter what your application, Cross can find the right solution for your process. Take a further look at the contact and non-contact equipment we offer.

Download our dimensional and mechanical metrology brochure for a full look at the dimensional and mechanical products available from Cross. Fill out our form to get a quote or discuss dimensional inspection equipment with a local Cross team member today!

Precision Dimensional Equipment

When you’re regularly utilizing dimensional inspection equipment, you need to be able to trust your readings. If you’re performing precise validations, even a reading that’s slightly off can cause compounding problems for your production process down the line.

Through our partnerships with leading manufacturers, we’re able to provide our customers with high-quality dimensional inspection tools to meet the unique needs of their operations. That way, our customers can measure and validate with confidence.

Dimensional inspection equipment is a critical component of the production processes of many facilities. Whether it’s for product, subassemblies, or parts, you need to know your measurement equipment is reporting accurately. Don’t leave your measurement results up to chance or rely on outdated equipment.

Contact an expert at Cross Precision Measurement to learn more about dimensional inspection equipment.

Coordinate measuring machines are a necessary part of many inspection equipment set-ups. They’re able to make highly accurate measurements along X, Y, and Z axes along an object’s surface. This is more reliable than traditional hand tools.

CMMs →

Cross offers a variety of 3D scanners and laser profiling systems to gather data efficiently from difficult to measure parts. We offer high-efficiency automated scanners and laser profiling systems from leading brands

3D Scanners and Laser Profiling Systems →

Cross vision measurement and inspection solutions are able to be incorporated into many existing processes. They can increase throughput, help avoid bottleneck, and ensure that your product is inspected reliably.

Custom Vision Measurement Solutions →

Digital video measurement systems are an inspection solution that can dramatically improve both efficiency and overall product quality. We carry leading brands such as QVI – RAM, OGP, CCP, and more.

Digital Video Measurement Systems →

Optical comparators are found in most quality and inspection labs. This is due to their ease of use and ability to take reliable measurements on a variety of parts. Get the optical comparators you need from leading manufacturers.

Optical Comparators →

Portable CMMs are excellent for precision measurement of large or mobile components. They are also ideal for production line environments or shops with multiple parts in production at different locations.

Portable CMMs →

Cross Precision Measurement offers contact inspection equipment and accessories such as coordinate mapping machines, touch probe vision systems, fixtures, and accessories.

Contact Dimensional Inspection Equipment →

Cross offers a variety of dimensional inspection software packages from industry leading brands.

Measurement and Inspection Software →

cross gagesuite calibration tracking software

See why customers love GageSuite, our award winning cloud based calibration management system.

Why Cross Dimensional Inspection Equipment?

At Cross Company, we have a long history of providing high-quality dimensional inspection equipment to our customers and partners. We work with many different businesses and industrial operations, providing durable and accurate equipment for inspection and dimensional metrology.

Whether you need CMMs, optical comparators, or any other dimensional inspection equipment, Cross can provide you with the tools your operation needs. No matter how unique your production process is, our experts will work with you to devise custom solutions tailored to your business needs.

We can also offer calibration services for products we provide. Meaning that Cross Precision Measurement can be a single-source provider for your operation. It also means that Cross can provide a level of support not regularly seen on online dimensional inspection equipment sales. And that’s just one of the reasons why so many facilities choose to work with Cross again and again.

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A Leading Distributor of Industrial Supplies and Equipment

As an authorized distributor for a wide range of top-quality brands, Cross offers a complete selection of process measurement and control equipment backed by industry expertise.


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