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Weight based solutions

Since 1939, our engineering team has been designing customized weighing solutions for industrial manufacturers.  Whether you simply need to modify a scale or if you need a completely automated batching system, the engineering team at Cross has your solution.  We tailor each solution precisely to your application, taking into account not only capacity and tolerance, but also ergonomics, operator skill, operating environment, maintenance & serviceability and the ability to calibration.  Whether you’re weighing boxes of tiny bullets or many trucks weighing many tons, Our engineering department can help design a weigh-based solution for you.

What we do

Our engineers can design a simple, easy-to-use solution for your complex measurement application. They are devoted to problem solving, and can make it easier than ever to:

  • Improve production efficiency
  • Raise the level of quality
  • Reduce raw material consumption
  • Obtain more accurate, reliable measurements in less time
  • Collect data for traceability

From concept to delivery, our engineering team will ensure your project is developed with focus on key aspects that you determine. Our team will meet with you to determine those needs, work with you to match a budget to the solution, develop concepts for your approval, and source the right materials.

Take a look at this video which discusses the full range of our ability with weight and scales.

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