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Custom Torque Measurement Solutions

Sometimes achieving or measuring the torque in your process isn’t straightforward but custom torque measurement solutions from Cross can help.  Our engineers can design a custom solution, perfectly tailored to your application to help increase throughput, increase accuracy, reduce downtime, reduce the risk of injury and extend tool life.

We have worked with customers from the automotive industry, aerospace, electronics, plastics, medical devices and more to design turnkey torque systems to meet the specific requirement of their applications.

Custom Torque Measurement Solutions 1
Custom DC torque system programmed to measure and provide feedback

Why choose Cross for your custom torque solution?

With over eighty years in the measurement industry, working extensively with torque applications, we have a broad range of experience and products for most applications.  The parameters we can measure include:

  • The range of torque, from inch ounces all the way up to hundreds of thousands of foot pounds
  • Degrees of rotation
  • Torque application
  • Torque measurement

We also specialize in reducing the risk of repetitive motion injuries with products like reaction arms and positioning arms with auto-stops.  In terms of environment, we have designed systems to operate in specific challenging conditions including electrostatic environments, live electronics and harsh weather.  We can also offer and program screw presenters, bit changes and screw feeders to go alongside your torque tools.

When designing a torque system, the engineering team at Cross considers: 

  • The range of torque needed
  • Fastener type
  • Fastener size
  • Clearance
  • Sequence of fastening
  • Whether it needs to be tied to automation
  • Safety considerations like reaction or what happens if there’s a catastrophic failure
Custom Torque Measurement Solutions 2
Custom torque cart for motorized vehicle manufacturer

If you need to increase the throughput of your process or extend your tool life, a custom torque solution from Cross can help.  Contact our engineering team to discuss your particular application!

See how our precision measurement team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk.

Torque Providers

Take a look at some of the most popular brands of torque measurement equipment that we use in our custom torque measurement solutions:

Custom Torque Measurement Solutions 3

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