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Custom Scales


When an off-the-shelf scale cannot do the job, our engineering team can create a unique custom solution to fit your application. Whether this means adding peripherals such as stack lights, scanners, and printers or modifying the scale itself to add fixturing to aid in part holding, the perfect scale can be customized for you.

With more than 80 years of experience in weight-based measurement, you can trust that we have the expertise to create an accurate and reliable scale solution. Unlike many of our competitors, we aren’t tied to one brand. We are authorized distributors for many of the top scale brands in the industry. That means that we can use your specifications to find the perfect scale instead of trying to shoehorn a scale from a particular manufacturer into your application.

Custom Scales have applications in almost every industry with applications including parts counting, checkweighing, outbound weighing, fabric yield scales, and roll cloth scales. Regardless of the application, a custom scale can help you to significantly increase your efficiency by automating manual processes. In addition, with capabilities such as printing of tickets and labels as well as data collection and tracking, custom scales reduce the risk of shipping product that doesn’t meet your specifications.

Want to learn more about how custom scales can increase efficiency and reduce risks? Contact our team today to discuss how a custom scale can improve your process.

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