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Custom Calibration and Testing Standards

Cross Custom Calibration and Testing Standards

Whether you need a custom standard for impact testing, to test a checkweigher, to meet UL specifications, to calibrate force gauges, or to validate another part of your quality process – Cross can help.

At Cross, we have a team of precision measurement professionals who can create the custom standard that is right for your application. Our engineers along with our team of designers and machinists have the experience and expertise to create a custom standard that you can trust. We offer both NIST Traceable and ISO 17025 Accredited custom standards to fit your exact application and tolerances.

There are many reasons to opt for a custom standard from Cross. Custom standards take out the guesswork by giving you additional control, improving repeatability, streamlining your process, and reducing errors. Our team learns about your process and creates a standard that meets your exact specifications.

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Performance and Safety

In today’s increasingly complex industrial landscape, standardization plays a critical role in ensuring consistency, interoperability, and safety. However, there are many cases where off-the-shelf standards may not be able to completely meet the unique requirements of a particular application or manufacturing operation. That’s when you need custom standards.

Custom standards are uniquely tailored to address specific needs and challenges faced by an industrial operation. They are able to provide a reliable framework for consistent performance and safety. And they’re able to do this in cases where off-the-shelf standards would fall short.

Customized standards provide greater flexibility, adaptability, scalability, and overall optimization of processes. They enable industries to meet their unique requirements and achieve better outcomes. And these are all benefits Cross Company can provide your operation through custom calibration and testing standards.

Uniquely tailored solutions

Reliable performance framework

Customized solutions

Greater flexibility

Increased adaptability

Benefits of Custom Standards and Calibration

The utilization of custom testing and calibration standards provides several benefits for industries. Some of these benefits include

Custom Solutions

Custom calibration and testing standards provide an accurate and tailored approach designed to address specific operational requirements and challenges.

Greater Flexibility

Custom standards offer greater flexibility and adaptability compared to off-the-shelf standards. This allows for more customization and modifications.

Regulatory Compliance

Custom calibration and testing standards help ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations. They also maintain quality assurance and reduce risk.

Applications of Cross Custom Standards

Custom testing and calibration standards are applicable in a broad range of industries. Some of these industries include

Manufacturing – Custom standards are essential in industrial manufacturing processes where unique equipment or operating conditions must adhere to strict guidelines. Utilizing standards designed specifically for your operation ensures compliance and safety. Which in turn leads to improved productivity and quality control.

Medical Devices – Custom standards are also necessary in healthcare. When patient safety and regulatory compliance are two top concerns, custom solutions are often the best choice. They guide the development and use of medical devices, equipment, and protocols that save lives.

Energy and Utilities – In sectors like energy and utilities, complex infrastructure, equipment, and control systems may require custom calibration and testing standards. That way facilities are able to promote reliable and sustainable energy production and distribution.

Automotive – Custom standards and also critical where vehicle safety, emission guidelines, and automotive performance are of top importance. They establish guidelines for vehicle design, manufacturing, and operation, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and industry best practices.

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Why Cross Custom Calibration and Testing Standards?

At Cross, we design automation solutions for OEMs, commercial operations, manufacturers, and many other operations in the industrial world. And we provide those solutions utilizing cutting-edge automation technologies, industry-specific expertise, and a customer-focused approach that sets us apart. Our solutions are designed to address the unique challenges of your industry and provide you with the tools you need to set yourself up for success and apart from your competitors.

With customized industrial automation solutions, manufacturers are able to achieve new levels or productivity, create scalable processes, and future-proof their operations. At Cross Company, we work directly with you to allow your operation to streamline production, reduce cost, improve quality, and enhance safety.

Through a combination of industry-specific experience and world-class customer service, we can help your operation stay ahead of the curve and beat out your competition. In short, we help you create a more scalable, sustainable, and efficient production environment. Contact one of our experts today to get started and to learn more about the value Cross Company Automation can provide.

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