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TESA Brown and Sharpe


For over 75 years, the TESA brand has distinguished itself in the market through its excellent products, unique expertise in micromechanics and precision machining as well as its proven experience in dimensional metrology. The broad range of flagship TESA products are a true benchmark for the inspection of incoming goods as well as for production workshops and quality assurance laboratories throughout many industries.

The TESA brand is a global market leader in dimensional height gauges. The robust height gauge systems offered in their lineup feature easy-to-use and powerful measurement capability. This allows your quality team to gather a range of dimensions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Brown and Sharpe

Founded in 1833, Brown & Sharpe has pioneered a variety of high quality dimensional measurement products such as calipers, micrometers, and dial gauges. Since development of the first modern vernier caliper to read to thousandths of an inch, Brown and Sharpe has continuously developed and produced high-quality devices, earning a prestigious reputation throughout the American industrial revolution and until today.

Since 2001, the long standing high quality reputation of the Brown & Sharpe brand has been integrated into TESA Technology, the premier Swiss precision measuring instruments manufacturer. TESA Brown and Sharpe is part of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, the world’s largest metrology product provider.

Cross Company is proud to be a TESA Brown and Sharpe distributor in the U.S. and offers products throughout our entire network of laboratories and sales territories. Our technical sales staff work closely with vendor representatives and are trained to help you find the right equipment for any application.

TESA Brown and Sharpe Products

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