100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Can you Mix and Match Hose Manufacturers?

Cross Hose & Fittings is a Parker distributor, providing precision-engineered products that meet or exceed a variety of industry standards. Parker is synonymous with quality, and their products can be found on and around any production operation with moving parts. Although there are a number of manufacturers on the market, there are several reasons to use hose components from the same brand in a hydraulic assembly, and why Cross Hose and fittings uses only Parker hose components.

Proven Compatibility

Components for safe, long-lasting hydraulic assemblies are designed to work together. Tolerances vary from one manufacturer to another and are not interchangeable. Hydraulic hose manufacturers typically control the process by designing the whole system for assembling their hydraulic hoses. They manufacture both hoses and hose fittings, as well as develop standards for crimping the fittings on to hoses. In many cases, they also develop crimpers specifically designed to handle fabrication of hose assemblies from parts they manufacture

Hose Efficiency

Parker designs and tests hydraulic assemblies to ensure maximum efficiency. Crimping dimensions are specified uniquely for optimum pressure and flow rating. Assuming that the hose assembly “looks close” or that the crimp dimension is similar on mixed manufactured pieces can result in more frequent failures and, in turn, a less efficient production environment.


Using components from different manufacturers can cause coupling retention to be adversely affected. This can also lead to hoses bursting, fittings leaking, or even blown-off ends, resulting in potential injuries and damaged property. Learn more about the true cost of industrial and hydraulic hoses and how mixed components and other factors, can lead to serious safety issues.

Common Misconceptions

There are several misconceptions regarding mixing and matching hose components. Not understanding the risks involved with mixing and matching incompatible components from different manufacturers can lead to serious issues down the line. Education is the first line of defense, so we’ve corrected a few of the most common misconceptions here:

Misconception: the fittings look alike; therefore they will perform the same
Correction: despite the fact that some manufacturers’ fittings may look like a Parker fitting (including stainless steel), they have not been approved or qualified for use on a Parker hose. A fitting requires significant testing and final qualification by the manufacturer in order for a fitting to be approved for use on a hose.

Misconception: I can use a Parker fitting on a different manufacturer’s hose because it meets the same industry specification as the Parker hose (i.e. 100R1)
Correction: just because a competitive manufacturer’s hose may meet an industry specification does not mean that it is approved to be used with a Parker fitting.

Misconception: All crimpers are the same and as long as the crimp looks good and I am close to the recommended crimp diameter, the hose assembly should be fine.
Correction: A battery of tests and qualification procedures are conducted prior to any formal crimp specification being released by engineering. Parker publishes and recommends crimp diameters for all its hose and fitting combinations and does not support anything outside of their published specs.

Stop by one of our North Carolina hose and fittings store locations or give us a call to discuss these and other misconceptions about mixing and matching components from multiple hose manufacturers.

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Why Choose Cross?

Here at Cross Hose & Fittings, you will find that we never mix hydraulic hose manufacturers. This ensure the highest quality assemblies for your application and safety for your team. In our stores, you will find a wide variety of Parker Hannifin hose & fittings which can be assembled by certified technicians on the spot so you know you’ll be getting a properly assembled hose each and every time. 

See how our hose and fittings team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk