100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Application Note: Improved Efficiency for Transmission Parts Manufacturer

Cross Improves Efficiency for Transmission Manufacturer with Remote Pushbuttons

A transmission manufacturer in South Carolina was experiencing frustration with a process that required employees to walk back and forth to an HMI, which was about 50 feet away to confirm the completion of steps during the assembly process. The additional step of walking back and forth between each part of the process was adding unnecessary time to the assembly. Cross utilized Omron A2W wireless buttons that the technicians could carry with them to help improve the process. With the implementation of the buttons, the extra trip to the HMI between steps was eliminated as they could push the button from wherever they were working. This not only improved efficiency and productivity but also ergonomics for the assembly workers.

Do you have a process that could be improved by remote wireless push buttons? If so reach out to us today! Our automation experts can help you increase efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps in your process.

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