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Motorized Vehicle Industry Newsletter – January 2024

Improve Measurement Efficiency with a Multi-Sensor 5 Axis CMM

The Altera CMM SCANtek from LK Metrology offers speed and flexibility. It accomplishes this by using five axes to make complex measurements. Used for verifying dimensional accuracy and inspecting the surface finish of components, it can capture up to 4,000 coordinate points per second. If you are interested in learning more contact us today!

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What's New at Cross

Palletizing is More than Just Stacking Boxes

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There are a number of common pitfalls associated with palletizing of which our customers are not aware.

First, the things happening upstream from your palletizer can make or break the application.

If you aren’t able to reliably pack and seal the boxes before they reach the palletizer it can cause serious issues. We have developed our own custom reject station to pair with our palletizing solutions to ensure that only properly packed and sealed boxes are palletized.

Another common issue in palletizing is finding the right end of arm tool (EOAT) for the application. The team at Cross Automation are experts in EOATs. Whether it’s finding the perfect off the shelf solution or working with our vendors to design and manufacture a custom EOAT for your unique application, we are here to help.

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Case Study: Cross Onsite Inspection Helps Manufacturer with Fit & Finish Issues

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While commissioning a new manufacturing line in their Springfield, TN facility, the team at Electrolux realized they needed additional measurement capacity for PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) inspections.

The team was using traditional CMMs but needed some extra help. Electrolux reached out to the Cross Precision Measurement team for help measuring metal-stamped oven chassis components. These measurements were critical because, as Stephen Tyson, New Product Quality Engineer, said, “The chassis is the foundation of every oven, it’s important that they are dimensionally correct.”

Case Study: How Stellantis group optimized its CMMs measurement processes with the Zephyr III 3D scanner

The Mulhouse plant, affiliated with the Stellantis automotive group, specializes in the manufacturing of tooling, mainly molds for the injection of aluminum under pressure. Equipment designed for forging and stamping is also developed on-site. All tooling undergoes rigorous quality controls to be used with confidence on production lines.

Before the introduction of the Kreon 3D scanner, measurements of tooling pieces were carried out by probing, using three coordinate measuring machines (CMMs): two Wenzel CMMs and one Erowa CMM. However, this method did not cover all parts comprehensively, nor did it detect certain defects.


Did you know?

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One of the more critical sub-systems within the battery mobility market are the coolant systems to keep the batteries operating longer and more efficiently. Parker created customizable VDA adaptors that address common industry concerns including: weight savings, corrosion resistance, durability, and push-to-connect solutions to maximize life, simplify assembly, and limit envelope space requirements.

Cross Provides Tangible Value for You

Reduce Risk

Parker’s ToughShield™ Plus standard zinc-nickel plating provides significant improvement to corrosion resistance versus other available plating technologies. This means end users benefit from less frequent and easier maintenance, extended fitting service life, and increased resistance to the migration of rust to adjacent components. For manufacturers, it means a decrease in warranty claims and aesthetic quality concerns due to corrosion.

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Raise Quality

We know how hard it is to find CMM programmers. If you don’t have the skillset in-house Cross Precision Measurement can assist. We have a team of inspection and measurement experts who are proficient in a number of software platforms including Calypso.

If you need a hand with CMM programming or just inspection services in general reach out to us today.

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Improve Efficiency

Kreon’s Zephyr III 300 is a groundbreaking addition to its 3D scanning technology lineup. With a wide 300mm laser line, this new scanner accelerates scanning speed by twofold, resulting in a 50% reduction in the number of passes required for the same part, especially advantageous for inspecting large-scale components. Tailored for large-scale measuring machines, the Zephyr III 300 seamlessly integrates with automation features like the ACR3 auto-change rack and motorized PH10 indexing head. Compatible with Kreon Ace and Onyx measuring arms, it offers versatility and is suitable for various techniques, making it an ideal tool for 3D inspection and reverse engineering on large-scale parts

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