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Rocketfarm is a Norwegian-based software company specialized in the development of URCaps. They are a certified UR+ developer for globally renowned Universal Robots, leading manufacturer of collaborative robots.

As an expert for palletizing solutions, Rocketfarm has developed the Pally software that runs Palletron, our palletizing solution. The software has a wide range of advantages, for instance an increased longevity of the cobot, a quick and easy installation and a flexibility to easily handle changes in production.


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Cross company currently utilizes Pally from RocketFarm in our Palletron solution. Learn more about Pally. 

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Cross Partnership with software developer Rocketfarm

Cross Company is pleased to announce our partnership with Norwegian software developers Rocketfarm.  Rocketfarm’s Pally software is used in Cross’s Palletron 3000 automated palletizer.  Rocketfarm is a certified UR+ developer for Universal Robots and specializes in the development of URCaps.  Based in Sogndal, Norway, Rocketfarm has been developing software for…

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