100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Mobile IoT Development and Implementation

Cross Company has developed a unique IoT solution designed specifically for mobile equipment. Powered by Elevāt, this cellular based hardware and software platform allows us to develop a customized internet portal specifically for you, and your machine. This includes:

  • The ability to sell services (ex: oil changes)
  • Data collection (better understanding of how your machine is operated, understand warranty claims)
  • Alerts via text or email (unsafe operating condition, DM1 engine faults, exceeding operating parameters)
  • The ability to download code remotely (saving on service calls)
  • Helping your customer port the data to their own collection site
Mobile IoT Development and Implementation 1

Truck with Cross IoT System Powered by Elevāt

System Features:

A mobile-rated (IP67) cellular gateway attached to your equipment transmits telemetry data for any number of variables. This IoT enabled data monitoring allows customers to easily collect and store information such as:

  • Engine hours and downtime
  • Engine fault codes
  • GPS location information
  • Fuel level
  • Engine oil temperature
  • Hydraulic temperature and more
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