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Hydraulic Manifold Design

Customized Hydraulic Manifold Blocks

When it comes to custom solutions for mobile machines, OEMs have turned to the Cross Mobile Systems Integration Group time and time again. And for good reason. We work directly with all our fluid power partners and customers to develop custom vehicle solutions for limited space mobile industrial equipment.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice functionality to meet space requirements or power demands. With customized mobile vehicle systems, we can often get your components into a smaller, more optimized space. While also maintaining machine functionality. Our ability to create this smaller footprint is why Original Equipment Manufacturers have turned to our Mobile Systems Integration Group time and time again.

If you’re looking for the ability to make the most of limited space requirements (while often spending less money), a custom hydraulic manifold design built for your unique application may be the answer.

Make the Most of Your Vehicle Space

By their nature, mobile vehicles and industrial equipment have limited space. The challenge of operating them efficiently and economically over time is to make the most of that limited space.

Effectively regulating the flow of hydraulic fluid to control power transfers between actuators, pumps, valves, and other components is a crucial part of making the most of that limited space.

As demands for reducing energy costs and consumption rise, it’s becoming increasingly important to utilize a well-designed, custom-built hydraulic manifold. At Cross, our team of skilled engineers and experts can create a custom hydraulic manifold manufactured to meet those demands. While also integrating seamlessly into your mobile work vehicle.

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Benefits of Custom Manifold Design

Optimizing aspects of your hydraulic system design (for instance, your circuitry) provides benefits such as lessening pressure drop and heat generation. Utilizing custom hydraulic manifolds can also save space and reduce overall vehicle weight. Our engineers work directly with you to design your ideal hydraulic control system and ensure it integrates seamlessly with the manifold design.

A well-designed manifold for hydraulic systems also shortens hydraulic flow paths, which has the benefit of boosted performance and overall control. And it does these things while reducing hydraulic leakage. Make the most of your space with a Cross custom hydraulic manifold.

Our custom-designed hydraulic manifold blocks have proven particularly useful for mobile equipment OEMs. Since the manifold is custom-made, it can be made specifically for a particular piece of equipment. That means that the finished assembly is a proprietary item. This gives our OEM customers a distinct advantage over the competition.

Some of the benefits of a custom-made hydraulic manifold include

Optimizing Circuitry Distribution

Lessening Pressure Drops

Reducing Heat Generation

Saving Space Overall

Lowering Total Weight

Shortening Flow Paths

Compact and Efficient SiCV Manifolds

At Cross, we maintain in-house design capability. This is supported by local manufacturing, who provide our custom screw-in cartridge valve manifolds. Making use of these allows us to design and assemble quickly. Which, in turn, gets your machine into production quickly.

Our hydraulic manifold blocks are specifically engineered based on the specifications of your specific mobile vehicle or industrial application. They’re designed to give you the most efficient circuit and layout possible. Which saves OEMs and other manufacturers both power and money while maintaining operational efficiency.

We make it our goal to minimize installation and plumbing time while still providing equipment manufacturers with a cost-effective system. It is both possible and beneficial to utilize a complete hydraulic system design for your machine using cartridge valves and custom-designed manifold blocks.

Save power and money

Increase operational efficiency

Quick assembly and design

Designed to spec

Minimized installation time

Cartridge valve utilization

Customized DIN Manifolds

Our Mobile Systems Integration Team has been a pioneer in the usage of DIN cartridge valve manifolds. We’ve designed custom manifolds for many high-flow, high-pressure, and high-cycle industrial applications still in use in machines around the world.

We design, assemble, and test all of our products in-house. Being in control of all aspects of the project gives us the ability to customize manifold blocks completely for any of our equipment manufacturer partners. We’ve even built manifolds with input flows of up to 600 GPM, making use of cartridges as large as 80mm.

No matter what your hydraulic needs for manufacturing, we want to hear about it. We start by learning and understanding your unique needs. Then offer customized solutions to help you meet those needs.

Our status as a certified SiCV Integrator for Eaton Hydraulics gives us a special priority in getting new cartridges released and getting them delivered quickly for prototyping. This kind of unbeatable access is what has made Cross a go-to for OEMs and other manufacturers when it comes to custom hydraulic manifold design and integration.

Hydraulic Manifold Design 2

The Hydraulic Manifold Company You Need

At Cross, we offer much more than just hydraulic manifolds. We can also provide the services our OEM and other equipment manufacturer partners need to succeed. Check out our other services and see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hydraulic manifold (or hydraulic block) is a component in industrial machines that operates by regulating hydraulic fluid flow. It acts as a central hub for many different components, and that centralization allows for a single component to regulate the flow between pumps, valves, actuators, and other machine parts.

Often, the design of your hydraulic system dictates the needs of the hydraulic manifold. This takes into account pressure requirements, heat dissipation, space available, and many other factors unique to your mobile machine. The consideration of these factors is important in determining the specifications of your manifold block.

Hydraulic manifold blocks have increasingly become pervasive in mobile machine manufacturing. This is due to their ability to simplify the hydraulic system/circuit. They do this by creating optimized flow paths for hydraulic fluid. This simplification serves to streamline machine and production efficiency.

Certified Manifold Service

Why Cross Hydraulic Manifold Design?

There are many benefits to an optimized, custom hydraulic manifold design. From optimizing your circuitry distribution to shortening flow paths to saving space overall, a custom designed hydraulic manifold can give you the competitive edge you need.

At Cross Mobile Systems Integration, we’ve designed countless hydraulic systems and manifolds for customers across the world. And we can do the same for you, too.

Contact a Cross team member to learn how customized hydraulic manifolds can benefit your project.

See How Our Mobile Systems Integration Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk

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