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Environmental Testing

Environmental And Climatic Testing Services

Environmental testing plays an important role in many aspects of product quality. Research into the environmental effects on materials can also be very difficult to attain due the requirements of high tech large scale environmental chambers.

The use of large scale environmental test chambers allow us to recreate an array of conditions with temperature ranges from -68 degrees Celsius up to 177 degrees Celsius and relative humidity from 10% up to 95%. This capability is vital to performing tests such as accelerated lifecycle testing where simulating extreme environments is important.

Combined with other testing services such as our sun simulation testing, materials testing, or flammability testing, our environmental testing capabilities allow our customers to take a customized approach to research and development, in one place.

Cross Climatic Testing Services

Climate testing is often about more than just measuring climatic responses a product may have. Another important consideration is analyzing the effects of climate changes on the material being tested. Our tests are able to evaluate factors such as material embrittlement, warpage, color change, adhesive degradation, etc. When analyzed, this produces an in-depth assessment of product responses to environmental conditions.

Our environmental testing services provide a variety of resources to test product behavior in the toughest and most varied conditions. We can provide

An alternating climate test (ACT) uses cyclic temperature and humidity changes to create simulated environmental conditions. It is designed to test for changes such as color retention, potential damages, or environmental-based parts deformation.

Alternating Climate Test →

High altitude simulation tests are designed to evaluate product performance in varying altitudes. Our equipment can reproduce low air-pressure environments to monitor how the product behaves in a variety of altitudes and ensure successful performance.

Altitude Testing →

Corrosion tests (such as Salt Spray, CASS, and Cyclic Corrosion) are performed to prevent, note, or reduce problems that may be associated with corrosion. This is often an important component in failure analysis for products that may be exposed to corrosive environments.

Corrosion Testing →

Ingress Protection Testing (or IP testing) is able to determine the susceptibility of a product to ingress from solid particles (such as dust) or liquids (such as water). It measures a product’s ability to protect itself from unwanted ingress infiltration.

Ingress Protection Testing →

Life cycle testing (also known as reliability testing or durability testing) is able to simulate the lifecycle of a product in a shortened time frame. This can give valuable insight into potential failures that may occur throughout the lifespan of a product.

Life Cycle, Reliability, and Durability Testing →

Solar simulation testing is performed to verify how sample materials are able to withstand extended periods of sunlight exposure. Our testing chambers are able to artificially simulate sunlight exposure while measuring the behaviors of complex components, plastics, paint, color, and more

Sunlight Simulation Testing →

Thermal shock testing (or temperature shock testing) is the process of exposing a product to extreme sudden changes in temperature. The test alternates between hot and cold air exposure to test the performance of coatings, complex parts, and failure risk.

Thermal Shock Testing →

Xenon arc testing enables manufacturers to measure and understand the effects of ultraviolet and visible solar radiations on a product or component. This can be performed using a weatherometer to various standards.

Xenon Arc Testing →

High-Quality Environmental Testing

Knowing how a product will perform in different environmental and climatic scenarios is necessary for many manufacturers. It can mean the difference between a successful, consumer-ready product and having to go back to the drawing board.

In a time when manufacturing and production have become increasingly global, it’s more important than ever to ensure your products not only survive transit, but function as intended once they reach their destinations.

At Cross Company, we provide that assurance through high-quality climatic and environmental testing services. That way, you know just how your product will hold up. Even in the toughest conditions.

Fire and Heat Testing Laboratory Equipment

The Need To Efficiently Test

In a competitive environment, time to market is crucial. You may not have the time to test a product over its intended lifecycle before releasing it. However, releasing an untested or poorly tested product may have significant negative repercussions.

A better testing strategy is required. You need the ability to accurately estimate the effects of wear-and-tear and aging on your product. Which is where Cross comes in. Some of our testing options include

Climate Aging

In climate aging testing, a product is exposed to one temperature and humidity condition. That condition is held constant to measure how the product will react to consistent exposure to the desired humidity or temperature level. This can be done with just temperature, just humidity, or a combination of both.

Climate Cycling

Instead of one constant level of temperature or humidity, the levels are cycled through different conditions. One effect of this kind of testing can be measuring the expansion and contraction of a product. This is particularly useful for products that will encounter diverse conditions throughout their life cycles.

Accelerated Life Testing

In accelerated life testing, we use a temperature or humidity condition that is more aggressive than a product would ever see in the real world. This allows us to simulate years of testing in a matter of weeks. Accelerated life testing can be performed on its own or in combination with other tests.

What Is Environmental Simulation Testing?

Typically, manufacturers want to know that their finished products are suitable for real-world use by their target consumers. But how do you go about acquiring this data without collecting it in real time throughout a product’s lifecycle?

At Cross, we accomplish this through the use of simulated environmental testing. Which means we create artificial environments for our test items or products. Within these self-contained environments, we’re able to simulate different environmental conditions an item may be reasonably expected to experience in its lifecycle.

For example, if you were an automotive manufacturer, it would be important for you to know if your product is able to perform the same in a hot, arid environment as in a cold, snowy environment.

These are the types of conditions we’re able to create using ISO/IEC 17025 accredited environmental simulation testing.

high speed camera with a climate testing chamber

The Climate Testing You Need

At Cross, something we specialize in is custom solutions. If you have an environmental or climate test you need, we want you to get it. There often isn’t a one-size-fits-all test that can be performed on every single item or product. That’s something we get. So if you have custom needs, we have a custom solution.

We’ve provided environmental testing solutions to manufacturers across a variety of industries, including

Cross Climatic Testing Services

Climate testing is often about more than just measuring climatic responses a product may have. Another important consideration is analyzing the effects of climate changes on the material being tested. Our tests are able to measure and record factors like material embrittlement, expansion and contraction at material interfaces, and many others. When analyzed, this creates a full picture of product responses to environmental conditions.

Our environmental testing services provide a variety of resources to ensure your products can withstand the toughest and most varied conditions. We can provide

High and Low Temperature

Driving Rain and Drip Testing

Salt Corrosion and Cyclic Corrosion

Pressure and Altitude Testing

Thermal Shock and Water Resistance

Why Cross Environmental Testing?

Combining our climate testing services with our other testing services allows our customers to take a customized approach to research and development. Whether you need sun simulation testing, humidity testing, or even a combination of tests, Cross is here to help.

For decades we’ve been a go-to for climate and environmental testing. And we can help your manufacturing and testing process, too. Contact a Cross representative to schedule a test today.

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