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Substance and Flow Calibration Services

Cross Calibration for Flow and Substance Equipment

Substance and flow equipment calibration disciplines can be difficult to find in a precision measurement service provider. Often with specialty equipment or requirements of hard to find substance standards in this category, equipment must be returned to the original equipment manufacturer for testing and calibration.

With one of the widest scopes in the precision measurement industry, Cross can be your single source provider, eliminating returns to OEMs, and keeping your certificates in one place. Take a look at some of the substance and flow calibration services offered by the precision measurement group at Cross.

Your Local Substance and Flow Calibration Provider

In addition to the broad range of ISO 17025 flow calibration capabilities offered in our laboratories, many of our laboratories offer substance and flow calibration onsite or in your facility for convenience.

In addition to our broad range of current electronics calibration capabilities, at Cross we also pride ourselves on investments in equipment standards that continuously push quality to new levels. A flow measurement device is only as good as its last calibration. And that calibration is only as accurate as the standards it’s testing against. As technology improves and the need for precision increases, our equipment evolves so we can bring our customers the most accurate measurements.

A2LA Accredited Substance and Flow Calibration

Industry leading number of A2LA accredited substance and flow disciplines throughout our laboratory network.

NIST Traceable Flow Standards

Our precision measurement team utilizes the latest flow technology to accurately, efficiently deliver results.

On-Site Substance and Flow Calibration

Our teams are trained to offer many of our flow calibration services at our laboratory, your facility or even in the field.

Embedded Substance and Flow Calibration Services

In need of a full service calibration services provider? Our precision measurement team offers fully embedded substance and flow calibration services. We can be on site, full time.

Calibration Audit Preparation

Offering calibration audit preparation so you can be ready for your upcoming audit and have our quality team on standby to help answer any questions about equipment calibrated by Cross.

Flow Equipment Repair and Maintenance

Our team has experience working with a range of the top flow equipment brands and have parts in stock to get you back to work faster.

Calibration Services for Substance and Flow Measurement

Our substance and flow calibration services are designed to push the quality of calibration to new levels through cutting-edge equipment standards. In practice, that means utilizing the best equipment with up-to-date calibration procedures and the quickest turnaround times possible to provide precise flow calibration for our customers.

As technology and standards change, we adapt. Our equipment and procedures are constantly being updated and refined to bring our customers the most accurate measurements for their industrial, process, or commercial equipment.

Check out our scope of disciplines for substance and flow equipment calibration. We offer services in addition to these provided as well, so if you don’t see the exact calibration service your operation needs, we still want to hear about it. We work with many of our customers to develop calibration plans tailored to their needs and schedules. And we can do the same for you, too.

From mass air samplers to microbial air samplers, if your laboratory or production floor is using these to maintain acceptable air quality, they will need calibration. Ensure compliance and safety with Cross air sampler calibration services.

Air Sampler Calibration →

Anemometer calibration to accurately measure velocity or wind speed. From traditional cup anemometers to ultrasonic anemometers, we have the experience and expertise required to provide your operation with the calibration services you need.

Anemometer Calibration →

In clinical and laboratory settings, a properly calibrated centrifuge is absolutely essential. Inaccurate centrifuge readings can easily cause downstream failures that can be costly to rectify. Make sure your lab is operating with precision.

Centrifuge Calibration →

Measure fluid quantities with confidence with Cross Precision Measurement’s flow meter calibration service. From gas pumps to beverage production to municipal systems, flowmeters are used in a wide variety of applications. Ensure yours is measuring accurately.

Flow Meter Calibration →

Cross offers fume hood testing and fume hood certification with general inspection and verification of fume hood face velocity for various types of fume hoods used for chemical containment. Our fume hood test and calibration procedures satisfy the ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 – 2012 specification for laboratory ventilation and methods of testing performance.

Fume Hood Testing →

Ensure process success through regular calibration of pH and conductivity metering equipment. When it comes to laboratory pH meters, accuracy is critical. That’s why it’s always best to work with an experienced meter calibration company like Cross.

pH and Conductivity Meter Calibration →

Pipettes are an important component of daily lab activities. However, it’s also very difficult to determine if your pipette calibration drift has put your instrumentation out of tolerance. And that drift can have serious consequences down the line if not corrected.

Pipette Calibration →

Used to determine the thickness of liquid substances, viscometers may come in the form of U-tube, falling ball, sphere, or others. They are useful for measuring bonding materials, food & beverage, and many life science substances. Make sure yours is accurate with Cross.

Viscometer Calibration →

Metrology Made Simple

While it’s definitely helpful to be an industry-leader in technical knowledge and experience in the metrology field, what really matters to us is our customers. Expertise only goes so far. It’s when you combine that precision measurement expertise with world-class customer service that you get something truly outstanding. And you get a reason that so many companies choose Cross Precision Measurement as their sole metrology provider. Which is how we make the precision measurement and calibration process simple.

Where Cross shines is combining that wealth of technical calibration knowledge with world-class customer service. That means treating every one of our customers with the respect they deserve. While also providing outstanding calibration services, of course.

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See How Our Precision Measurement Team Can Help Improve Quality, Increase Efficiency, And Reduce Risk

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Since 1939, the precision measurement professionals at J.A. King have been your trusted measurement partner; providing accuracy, reliability, and efficiency to let you focus on what you do best. That same team is now the Precision Measurement Group at Cross. Learn more.

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