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Hose Kitting

Hose Kitting For Mobile Vehicle Manufacturers

Hose kitting and hose inventory management services have become increasingly important in a competitive marketplace as OEMs and other manufacturers work towards a more efficient, streamlined process. The Cross Mobile Systems Integration Hose Kitting offering is designed to streamline the manufacturing process and create complete solutions for mobile machine OEMs and other vehicle manufacturers.

Our hose kits and hose inventory management for mobile vehicle manufacturers help our customers manage potentially complex hose inventories. Instead of having dozens of hoses in various locations throughout your worksite, imagine all the hydraulic hoses you need for a particular machine were labeled, assembled, and in one convenient location.

Maximize your productivity, streamline your assembly, and minimize downtime with Cross hose kitting services for mobile machines.

OEM Equipment Made Easy

Hose kits are rapidly becoming vital to Original Equipment Manufacturing. In an environment where meeting a manufacturing schedule is critical, reducing the number of steps in your manufacturing process can be a game-changer.

Custom hose kitting for your mobile vehicle or heavy machine also has the added benefit of consolidating suppliers, which may also reduce product lead times.

If you’re ready to streamline your manufacturing process, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t let your production fall behind due to poor hose management. Take advantage of our custom hose kitting and hose inventory management.

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Benefits of Cross Hose Kitting Services

Cross Company’s Mobile System Integration Group is focused on supplying complete solutions to our mobile equipment OEMs and OEM equipment partners. One of those solutions is the ability to supply products and sub-assemblies in kit form. These kits can help OEMs manage the flow of product through their production areas in a much more efficient manner.

Imagine that you have a machine that has 30, 40, even 50 hydraulic hoses with a myriad of fittings. What if you could get those hoses cleaned, tested, and labeled with specific machine functions in a kit? And that hose kit also included all of the fittings required for that machine? No longer would you need to stock one specific hose in 50 different bin locations.

Cross Mobile Systems Integration Group now provides the Eaton Winner Hose product line along with Brennan fittings in hose kit form specific for your machine needs. We have a new production facility at our Mobile Technology Center dedicated to developing custom hose kits for mobile OEM’s.

Get the hose you need production-ready

Improve overall production efficiency

Consolidate a variety of suppliers

Reduce long lead times

Lower your inventory

Improve cash flow

A Unique OEM Production Advantage

Cross hose kitting for manufacturers provides our OEM partners with a unique advantage in production. Other than the benefit of receiving production-ready parts, hose kitting also reduces the likelihood of damaged or defective hose assemblies while allowing you to increase production efficiency overall. This often translates to a better bottom line.

Our skilled engineers and technicians will create the hose assemblies you need for your mobile industrial vehicle assembly process, package them in an orderly way, and send them directly to you for production. This simplifies the machine assembly process while also reducing the potential for errors during assembly.

Equipment manufacturers who take advantage of hose kitting solutions often see the benefits very quickly. Eliminate long lead times, multiple suppliers, and dozens of different bins. Streamline your production process with hose kitting.

Kits built to your requirements

Unique labeling and sub-assemblies

Simplified inventory management

Mobile Machine Kitting Process

Our process begins by getting to know the unique needs of your mobile machines and production process. When it comes to hose kitting in manufacturing, it’s crucial to know the machine requirements, space allocation, and various other ins and outs.

Once we understand the unique needs of your mobile vehicle production, we can create a custom hose kit.

Our experts assemble, crimp, and package the hoses you need in a simple and convenient way. This makes it easy for you to immediately use your hose kit upon receiving it.

We’ve refined this process over the years and throughout a variety of industries. And if you’re looking for hose kitting services for OEMs or other equipment manufacturers, we’re here to help.

We can work with many different mobile work vehicles across industries, including

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The Hose Kitting Company You Need

At Cross, we offer much more than just hose kitting. We can also provide the services our OEM and other equipment manufacturer partners need to succeed. Check out our other services and see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the industrial world, kitting is when components or materials are bundled into a single package. They are designed to simplify a process that may require a variety of unique, individual components. In this case, a mobile machine or work truck may require a large number of unique hydraulic hoses. We compile them all into one package for our customers.

A hydraulic hose assembly is made up of a hydraulic hose as well as the fittings it requires. These are generally tailored to specific applications (ie, the hose is a certain length, diameter, and function). A hose assembly is created when the hose required is fitted with the necessary fittings.

Utilizing hose kitting services replaces the need for dozens (or even hundreds, depending on the application) of individual hoses. Instead of ordering different hoses of different lengths from different suppliers, all the hoses for a single machine are assembled and shipped together. This increases overall efficiency.

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Why Cross Hose Kitting?

At Cross Mobile Systems Integration, we aim to improve the lives of all our customers, from OEMs to other equipment manufacturers. From heavy-duty to commercial, our hose kits for manufacturers are designed to simplify your production process.

In an increasingly competitive market, adding hose kitting to your production process can be the competitive advantage your business needs to out-perform the competition. What do you have to lose except longer production times?

If you’re interested in streamlining your production process and gaining a competitive advantage, we can help. Contact Cross Mobile Systems Integration group today and we’ll see how we can help.

See how our team can help improve efficiency, reduce risk, and raise quality in your process.

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