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Valmet Solutions for Industrial Cooling and Air Exhaust Applications

Valmet Solutions for Industrial Cooling and Air Exhaust Applications 1

Industrial cooling and air exhaust systems for industrial process facilities tend to get overlooked by a focus on critical batching and mixing processes within a plant. Although not as popular, the facilities and maintenance infrastructure can be just as crucial to a plant’s operations. Cooling and temperature control, along with exhaust systems, offer an excellent opportunity to improve process efficiency with Valmet products such as isolation valves, valve controls, and actuation solutions for dampers.
Valmet shared a couple of application successes that show how their products can help increase efficiency, improve quality, and reduce risk.

Volatile Organic Compounds
“One opportunity for these maintenance style successes may be present any time you have indoor manufacturing that has the potential to create volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or any other fresh air exchange requirements in a building. These VOCs and harmful exhausts would need to be evacuated from the building and destroyed or mitigated through burners, thermal oxidizers, scrubbers, or filtration units.”

Water Chiller Service
“Another opportunity in indoor manufacturing is the water chiller service. For larger buildings, water chillers have been a cost-effective solution for personal or equipment cooling for decades. These chillers typically use a cooling tower and push the chilled water through the various applications.”
In both examples above, valve solutions from Valmet range from high precision control to isolation, providing diverse opportunities for flow control experts to make an impact by helping with technical solutions As a distributor for several Valmet brands, Cross company offers products from Neles, Jamesbury, and Flowrox.

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