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Reduce Risk of Warranty Claims With Embedded Calibration and Quality Control

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Warranty claims and recalls can quickly eat into your bottom line. Not to mention the risk of serious injury to your customers when a product fails. While not all claims and recalls can be avoided, using an embedded ISO 17025 accredited calibration provider for calibration and quality control can help significantly reduce these risks. Cross Precision Measurement has provided embedded calibration and Quality Control services for years and we have seen firsthand how it can help to prevent bad product from making it to your customer. As an example, let’s consider how embedded services can help an automotive manufacturer.

By making the choice to use a third party for calibration, automotive manufacturers can focus on making high-quality safe vehicles without worrying about whether or not their equipment was calibrated properly. ISO 17025 accredited calibration providers must go through regular audits and show that they use the proper procedures and traceable calibration standards. Making sure that the fasteners on vehicles are not too tight or too loose is critical in ensuring quality and safety. Embedded calibration technicians calibrate your tools and make sure they are set to the proper torque before they are handed over to your assembly team.

Automotive Industry Services

When assembling a car that has thousands of fasteners, running regular QC torque checks is critical. For instance, if the torque on a critical suspension part was out of spec, it could lead to a failure on the road and cause an accident. This could result in liability issues, injury, or even death. Using an internal team to conduct these checks may not provide you with the reliable data and security that you need. It’s a bit like asking the fox to guard the hen house, as your team may have a vested interest in passing product that doesn’t meet your safety standards in order to keep up with production throughput. By outsourcing this task to an impartial third party, you can be assured that the proper checks are conducted and the complete data is reported to you. In our experience, these QC checks are the last line of defense in containing production issues. In many cases, our team can identify issues and halt production and/or shipment in time to keep the affected product from leaving the facility. When you are shipping cars around the world, catching issues before they leave your facility can save significant money and headaches.

Whether you are assembling cars, airplanes, or washing machines, utilizing a third-party provider for embedded calibration and QC services can help you to reduce your risk of warranty claims and recalls. Cross Precision Measurement has worked with some of the biggest names in manufacturing to ensure product quality and safety. If you’d like to have a conversation about how our services can help you to reduce risk at your facility contact us today. We have a team of quality experts ready to help you.

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