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Refrigerator and Freezer Validation

Industrial refrigerators and freezers are used in a in many industries to process and hold a variety of materials. In everything from safe storage of food and beverage products, to maintaining low temperature levels for processing materials in lab freezers, it’s important to ensure these systems are operating correctly. In operable functions within these systems can lead to unsafe materials in the hands of end users.

Similar to ovens and environmental chambers, refrigerators and freezers have a variety of components that need to be maintained or calibrated in order to ensure the system as a whole is operable. This is why it’s important to perform validation of a system as a whole, and within industries such as life sciences, IQ/OQ/PQ protocol requirements are a must.

J.A. King knows the importance of all the components within industrial refrigerators and freezers. Our team is experienced and equipped to perform full freezer validation which includes NIST traceable calibration of temperature controllers, chart recorders, freezer temperature alarms, temperature uniformity, and more.

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