100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

Process Solutions for Data Centers

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Risk in Data Centers with Cross Process Solutions Group

Much of the world that we take for granted today is reliant on the continual performance of data centers located all over the country. Everything from financial institutions to telecommunication companies to social media platforms require reliable data centers to manage day to day operations. You may be wondering what data centers could possibly have to do with the Cross Process Solutions group, as they would not be considered part of the process industry. It turns out that there are actually a number of similarities — particularly when you think about mission-critical services such as cooling systems and electrical power.

Automation, Monitoring, and Control

At Cross Process Solutions Group, or PSG, we specialize in the automation of facilities that need to run without fail. Whether it is to meet safety requirements, FDA regulations, GMP, or simply to avoid revenue loss due to downtime, our team are experts at designing and building systems with double and triple redundancies to ensure continuous operation.

This expertise is invaluable for data center operations. Utilities such as cooling systems and electrical power cannot afford to go down, as an incredible amount of data could be at risk. We build control systems that manage critical tasks like cooling water and temperature control as a few examples. A system like this could also give you the ability to set alarms to give you early warning if a component is at risk of failing or if the temperature in a particular area goes above acceptable levels. Cross also can perform advanced data analytics to improve reliability and efficiency This allows you to be proactive and feel confident in the operation of your facility.

If you already have an older control system in place, not only might you be at risk for failure, but you are also missing out on a number of benefits and features that new systems such as Emerson, Siemens, and Rockwell can offer. Learn more about the benefits of migrating from a legacy system.


Your business is technology, ours is process integration, instrumentation, and valves. We have discovered that due to the security surrounding data centers, you don’t always have the opportunity to talk with product sales specialists and learn about new technology in the field. Our team stays up to date with the best equipment for any process monitoring application and has multiple Subject Matter Experts (SME) on staff. From temperature monitoring to valves and flow meters we have the best devices for you. In addition, we have a full valve automation center to create custom valve assemblies to your specifications. A great example is the automated valves we recently built for a military base.

You may be thinking, what difference could a valve or flow meter make in my application? If your flow meters are inaccurate you can end up spending thousands in unnecessary energy costs pumping additional chilled water through the system that isn’t needed. Our team was recently able to save a data center $125,000 per year on just one application. Like many data centers, the application in question required triple redundancy flow meters. In this particular area, they had three turbine meters measuring the flow of chilled water. Our team brought in a clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter from Flexim to check the accuracy of the existing meters. They discovered that all three meters were reading differently from each other, and none were giving a correct flow reading. In addition, because the existing meters were insertion turbine meters, if one failed the entire line had to be shut off to remove and replace the meter. By replacing these meters with clamp-on ultrasonic meters they were able to both improve the accuracy of their data and thus reduce energy consumption, as well as simplify maintenance and reduce downtime.


Speaking of maintenance and downtime, who do you call when your process equipment is in need of repair? We offer a variety of support options to fit your specific needs. Cross service facilities include a center for vent and valve repair and maintenance, to ensure the safety of your team and your facility. We also offer both remote and onsite troubleshooting and support based on your needs. In addition, we have multiple ISO-17025 calibration labs to make sure you are getting the most accurate measurement data from your devices.

Interested in learning more about how we can help improve the operation of your facility? Reach out to us today! Speaking with our experts can help you both make your operation more efficient and reduce the risk of downtime. We are available to walk through your facility and help you develop a plan for upgrading your existing system and devices.

See how our process solutions team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk

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