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Environmental Chamber and Oven Validation

Ovens and environmental chambers are used for a wide variety of functions throughout many industries. In the manufacturing industry, for example, some operations use ovens to bake or cure components to set bonding materials. In the life sciences industry, environmental chambers are used to sterilize medical equipment and decontaminate materials.

Whatever the process, it’s important to ensure your oven or environmental chamber is operating correctly and accurately. Materials within often rely on performance of key components such at temperature controllers, timers, fans and exhaust vents, and more. If any one of the components in the setup is performing inaccurately, it can have a negative effect on materials within.

J.A. King knows the importance of all the components within ovens and environmental chambers. Our team is experienced and equipped to perform full oven validation which includes NIST traceable temperature controller calibrationchart recorder calibration, temperature uniformity, and more.

J.A. King offers NIST traceable calibration for all types of mechanical, and electrical angle indicating devices such as fixed protractors, bevel protractors, digital protractors, clinometers or inclinometers. Our technicians utilize master standards such as surface plates, angle blocks, and sine bars, among others, to perform a comprehensive calibration including readings at a minimum of four test points.

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