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Color Analysis

Color analysis plays an important role in several industries and a variety of applications or products. In the automotive industry for example, many manufacturers develop colors specifically for their vehicles. With so many vehicles being produced, and sometimes at multiple facilities, it’s important maintain consistency in coloring.

Parts from suppliers need to conform to these color standards to ensure all parts match the coloring required by OEMs. However, with the need for expensive color analysis equipment, it can be difficult for some suppliers to perform internal quality testing to comply with so many colors.

Cross can perform color analysis and gloss testing for a variety of master color samples with ISO 17025 accredited compliance to standards such as CIELAB and SAE J1545. In addition, our team also has the capability to perform gloss testing and color analysis before and after environmental testing at our facility such as sun simulation or other exposure tests to verify customer tolerances are met. For more information about our color analysis testing services click on the button below to learn more or schedule a test today.

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