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Airbag System Deployment Testing

Airbag Deployment Test Services

The testing division at Cross offers airbag system deployment testing services in our state of the art laboratories in Greenville, SC and Mexico. We provide customers with various data points such as expansion velocity, and tear seam location, using high-speed video capture.

In addition, our controlled environmental chambers allow our technicians to perform deployment tests at temperatures from -40° C to + 95°C to determine how environmental conditions affect deployment.

That means that automotive manufacturers are able to obtain the most accurate data on airbag deployment. With our testing chambers, high-speed cameras, and data capturing methods, we’re able to provide highly accurate simulations of airbag deployment in real-world environments.

Safe Airbag Deployment and Data Logging

Cross offers airbag system deployment testing services in our state of the art laboratory in Greenville, SC. We provide customers with various data points such as expansion velocity, and tear seam location, using high speed video capture.

Our testing facilities are fully accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005 testing facilities. When requirements involve using a third party for testing, our team has years of experience and the accreditation to ensure you have the data you need.

In addition to Airbags and Interior Automotive Systems, Cross is also accredited for many other testing parameters so you don’t need to find multiple facilities to run different tests. You can have it done all in one place, Cross. Contact us to learn more or schedule a test today.

Expansion velocity measurement

Deployment requirement confirmation

Tear Seam Location

High-Speed Video Capture

Deployment time validation

Laboratory Airbag Testing Procedures and Applications

There are several levels of testing for airbag systems to ensure proper deployment and compliance. There are many components that go into a successful airbag deployment system, so it’s critical to make sure those components are all operating as intended. And that they maintain that operation in differing environmental conditions.

One level of testing is the components of the bag module. This is done by ensuring that the ignitor and the gas generator are functioning as intended. That means that when activated, the components will work as expected to begin the process of inflation for the airbag.

Another level of testing for airbag deployment is the bag itself, including its integrated components. This avenue of testing makes sure that the airbag deploys in line with expected parameters. Part of this testing is measuring airbag volume and time of deployment.

Going deeper, the airbag deployment system may be tested while integrated into the automotive component it will be deployed from. This is done to simulate real conditions which may play a role in successful airbag deployment.

These are just some of the testing procedures for airbag deployment. At Cross, we’ll work with you to determine the scope of testing required for your airbag system and device tests using our state-of-the-art lab to get you the results you need.


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Meeting Airbag Safety and Compliance

There are many regulations that come along with airbags. As one of the main passive safety devices in vehicles, they need to be fully operational and behave as expected. Meeting these regulatory and safety requirements is one of the most important components in airbag system deployment testing. With our blasting chambers, high-speed cameras, and data capture technology, we can ensure that your airbags are operating as intended and meet all necessary requirements.

In order to protect drivers and passengers, airbags have to deploy very quickly (usually within approximately 10-20 milliseconds). This is true for both side airbags and front airbags. Not only do they need to activate quickly, they also need to deploy correctly. If the bag deploys but the ignitor fails, you just have a deflated bag, an injured driver, and potential liability. Cross works with you to avoid those things.

Through our airbag testing procedures, we’re able to verify compliance with external regulations and internal quality standards. And make sure that your airbags go off when they need to, maybe saving a life in the process.

testing chamber for airbag deployment

Airbag Deployment Testing and Environmental Chambers

We often advise combining testing procedures to get a more complete picture of device behavior. And airbag system deployment testing is a perfect example of the need for more than one test. Airbags not only need to be able to react to a collision and deploy quickly, they also need to be able to do it in a variety of environments.

For instance, the same vehicle may be sold in a hot, dry climate and a cool, damp climate. While the climates and environments are very different, they both have the same airbag deployment system. That means that system needs to be fully operational in a wide range of differing environments. Which can be a challenge for many manufacturers.

In our environmental testing chambers, we can simulate temperatures from -40° C to + 95°C and validate airbag deployment within that temperature range. Partner with Cross to make sure your airbag deployment system will operate as intended, no matter the environment.

We Can Help Dispose Airbags, Too

With so many vehicles being taken off roads and slated for disposal each day, there is an enormous amount of materials that make their way from old vehicles to landfills or other disposal areas. Unfortunately, one of the things that can be difficult to dispose of are airbag deployment systems. Non-deployed airbags are frequently prohibited from entering landfills or other disposal sites due to their potential to discharge.

For our existing automotive manufacturer customers, we can safely discharge airbags in our blast chambers and then securely dispose of them at our customer’s request.

For more information about our airbag disposal process or to learn more about working with our team, fill out our contact form to discuss your project with a Cross team member today!

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Why Cross Airbag Deployment Testing?

At Cross, the most important thing to us is the success of our customers. That’s why we go out of our way to design custom testing solutions that ensure future production success for every single one of them. All while also offering world-class customer service. And when you combine those two factors with industry-leading expertise and a cutting-edge testing lab, you get a winning combination.

Our ISO 17025 accredited testing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico can provide you with product testing, materials testing, environmental testing, lifecycle testing, and many other testing services. Whether it’s for automotive, aerospace, consumer products, pharmaceutical, or a wide range of other industries, we can help.

There’s a reason so many companies and manufacturers across so many industries choose to work with Cross Testing again and again. Contact us today and we’ll give you a reason to keep coming back, too.

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Offering a range of testing services from our testing laboratories in the U.S. and Mexico. Learn more about the expert testing procedures performed in our state-of-the-art facilities. We can provide you with actionable data about your parts or materials so that you can make the best decisions for your product, your production process, and your end users. We can also provide calibration services, inspection services, and metrology products through our network of ISO 17025 accredited precision measurement labs.


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