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Pulse Tool Calibration

Pulse nutrunners or pulse torque tools, similar to pneumatic tools, maintain high levels of speed to quickly tighten fasteners. While these units increase speed and efficiency, pulse tool calibration is important in order to maintain accuracy. The use of a hydraulic pulse reduces torque reaction once fastened into place. By using small bursts of torque force, milliseconds apart from each other, the operator can eliminate the use of bulky torque reaction arms which are sometimes required with the continuous rotation of a standard pneumatic tool.

The hydraulics in these units also cut down on noise by reducing vibration. Lower vibration typically means less wear and tear on the equipment itself, ensuring a longer lifetime for each individual unit. J.A. King technicians can perform ISO 17025 accredited pulse tool calibration from 0.75 Nm to 500 Nm with an uncertainty of 1.3% of the full scale so you can ensure your equipment is tightening fasteners to correct torque, every time.

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