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Pneumatic Torque Wrench Calibration

When tightening speed becomes the primary priority, pneumatic torque tools become the best solution. Quick enough to fasten race car wheels to their frames in the heat of competition, pneumatic torque wrenches and drivers allow the user to rapidly attach a nut or bolt without sacrificing precision.

Most helpful in cases where a large number of fasteners require the same about of torque, most pneumatic torque drivers allow for very little adjustment after they’ve been calibrated to a particular target torque. To ensure that your tools are calibrated to the torque you need, and to prevent measurement drift, J.A. King provides helpful, comprehensive pneumatic torque tool calibration.

J.A. King technicians are equipped to provide ISO 17025 accredited pneumatic torque wrench calibration on models up to 2,000 lb-ft. To get more information about pneumatic torque wrench calibration or to request a quote, fill out our form to contact a J.A. King team member today!

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