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Gage Block Calibration

Gage blocks are often at the heart of any quality assurance laboratory’s dimensional measurement operation. Having a good quality gage block reference set can mean the difference in building a high quality product, and experiencing a catastrophic failure at an end user level. Because of this importance, it is heavily recommended to have gage blocks calibrated by capable professionals at frequencies relevant to their usage.

Cross Company is one of few companies with the optimum environmental laboratory conditions required to accurately measure gage blocks. Environmental conditions can affect readings of gage blocks susceptible to thermal expansion, which is why the precision measurement group at Cross uses environmental systems capable of holding constant temperatures within ± 1 °F of required levels in certain areas.

Optimum environmental conditions, paired with investments into the latest state-of-the-art technology at many of our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratories, ensure we supply our customers with the most accurate readings. Our technicians are experienced and capable of obtaining readings from both English and Metric gage block sets at any accuracy level from shop grade all the way up to grade 00. Learn more about our gage block calibration methods.

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