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Consistency Transmitters

Consistency transmitters are used in the pulp & paper and wastewater industries to measure the percent concentration of fiber in a sample. 

However, there is no single method for measuring consistency everywhere, as several different variables need to be taken into account.  The three main types of consistency transmitters are:

  • Optical: For measuring both fibers and fillers but is sensitive to color and brightness
  • Shear Force: Can only measure fiber and is mainly for clean pulps
  • Microwave: Can measure fibers and fillers and is ideal for when the fiber properties change within the sample

Consistency transmitters are used to: 

  • Raise the quality of your end product
  • Improve the efficiency of your process by giving you reliable measurements
  • Reduce wastage of raw material, therefore improving your profitability
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4th generation Valmet MCA

Cross Company is proud to be a partner with Valmet and their product line of analyzers and measurement products.  Valmet has a long history in the pulp and paper industry and their portfolio contains a range of high quality products suitable for most applications in the pulp, paper and wastewater industries.

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