A Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeter that is Ideal for a Variety of Gas, Liquid, and Steam Applications

Metal Tube VA Flow Meter Suitable for Gas, Liquid, and Steam

Karen Rogers | August 17th, 2017

The Go-To Meter - Brooks Instrument MT3809

Brooks Instrument MT3809 has been the “go-to” meter with our industrial customers for many years and now has several new features and options. It is indispensable when high pressure or high temperature (or both) operating conditions exist. If you have a particularly aggressive application, this meter is available in 316/316L stainless steel flameproof housing, plus it has a broad range of connection sizes and types such as ASME, DIN, and JIS flange choices for easier installation.

New Features Include:

  • Alarm function that meets SIL 2 requirements, the perfect product for safety applications.
  • Explosion-proof housing that meets IIC/Class 1 Div 1 to handle hazardous locations.
  • The broadest range of operating temperatures in the industry, the perfect meter for difficult applications.
  • Lower flow rates with the current lay lengths which means one meter style can be used for very low to high flow rates.
  • The new meter is designed to ASME B31.3 and the gasket sealing surface is per ASME, a rugged design that does not require special gaskets at installation.
  • Weldneck flanges are standard for the MT3809 and which means full penetration welds that can easily be tested for integrity.
  • Improved transmitter has HART 7 capability.

Product Applications

Rotating Equipment
Large rotating equipment requires effective and reliable flow monitoring on a number of fluid supplies (lubrication fluids, coolants, dry gas seal gasses) to ensure efficient and safe operation.

The MT3809 meter is commonly used to monitor lube oil and coolant flows. The optimum solution is using a 4-20mA transmitting variable area meter so that flow can be continuously monitored.

Basic Flow Control
Many industrial processes require reliable, accurate and repeatable gas and liquid flow measurement and control. Brooks VA meters are exceptionally versatile and are ideal for monitoring process flow, instrument impulse lines, purge gas flows, flows of flushing or cooling media, make-up flows, and reactor gas and liquid feeds.

Many Brooks variable area meters offer flow switches, alarms, or continuous electronic output to allow flow conditions to be monitored and controlled remotely. A variety of valves is also available for setting a flow set-point, and electronic pressure controllers are offered to provide constant flow under varying pressure conditions.

Offshore / High Pressure
Operators of offshore platforms require reliable products that operate under extreme conditions such as high pressure and difficult environmental conditions. Common offshore applications involve injecting a fluid (many times a proprietary fluid) into the high-pressure extraction fluid to either prevent corrosion, freezing of the extraction fluid or adding lubrication. In all cases, the goal is to provide local monitoring of the extraction process which improves the overall process yield. The Model 3809 variable area meter is an excellent choice because it is simple, proven, reliable (only one moving part) and is available for operating pressures to 20,000 PSIG/ 1350 bar.

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