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Water and BTU Energy Metering

Measuring Water and BTU Energy for University Campuses, Medical Centers and Building Systems

Cross Company offers expertise in water, and BTU energy metering for a wide variety of sectors including; large and small commercial complexes, industrial, government and university campuses, healthcare, real estate, and more. BTU energy measurement is an emerging market and is fast becoming critical for entities to remain cost-efficient and compliant, while steam or heated/chilled water systems pose challenges of their own.

The team at our flow and safety technologies group has the expertise to discuss, demonstrate, and recommend the proper metering and communication technologies to enable your team to reduce risk and increase efficiency. 

Capabilities for a Range of Applications

​Whether it’s a university campus, medical center, or any mix of industrial or municipal applications, our team offers expertise and a variety of capabilities to ensure efficiency in a range of settings. Take a look at some of our capabilities in common sectors.

Why partner with Cross Company?

With experience in a range of water, steam and BTU energy metering applications, the our flow and safety technologies group can work with your team to develop solutions tailored to fit the needs of any application.

Also, as a distributor for leading industrial metering products such as FLEXIM, McCrometer, and KEP, we aim to help customers increase efficiency and reduce risk in their processes using the best available products for the job. 

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See how our process solutions team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk