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Flow Surveys

Ensure your permanently fixed flow meters are measuring correctly

Are you considering replacing one or more of your flow meters?  How do you know which needs to be replaced?  One way to handle this is to replace all of them, which can get expensive.  However, Cross Company can provide a second option, an on-site flow survey.  This will let you know which of your permanently fixed flow meters need to be replaced and which are measuring correctly, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.Flow surveys are particularly applicable in the chemical and power generation industries, as well as large campuses of buildings, like at a university. 

Another application for flow surveys is to double-check that the water bill you are receiving is accurate.  We can perform flow meter verification to make sure the amount of water you are using matches what you’re being billed for.


Flow Surveys 1

The Cross service team brings a clamp-on portable flow meter and uses it to measure the flow at the same location as the fixed flow meter.  We use NIST-traceable field calibrators to ensure the accuracy of our results and enter the data into asset management software to track all your equipment.  When the survey is complete, we provide you with a complete service report.

Why partner with Cross Company?

With extensive experience in a range of water, steam and BTU energy metering applications, our process solutions group has the technical knowledge and correct tools to ensure your flow meters are measuring accurately.

Also, as a distributor for leading industrial metering products such as FLEXIM and Dynasonics, we aim to help customers increase efficiency and reduce risk in their processes using the best available products for the job. 

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See how our process solutions team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk