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Flow Meter Startup and Commissioning

When you buy a flow meter from Cross Company we don’t just sell you a product, we’ll make sure it’s up and running within your system. Whether you’re working with a magnetic flow meter, an ultrasonic flow meter,  or anything between, our team is here to help configure, troubleshoot, and calibrate your new flow equipment with our installation, startup, and commissioning services.

When you buy a flow meter from Cross Company, we’ll make sure it’s up and running within your system. Our team can help configure your new flow equipment, so you can be confident in its operation from day one.


Flow Meter Start-Up & Commissioning Services

  • Equipment Configuration
  • Loop check
  • Field troubleshooting
  • NIST-traceable calibration
  • Asset management data storage (if applicable)
  • Flow surveys
  • Flow verification testing
  • Customer training on use and maintenance
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Flow Meter Startup and Commissioning 1
Verification test of in-line flow meter installaton

Specializing in a Range of Flow Equipment

  • BTU energy metering and flow computers
  • Differential pressure technology
  • Orifice plates, pitot tubes, V-cone
  • Magnetic flow meters
  • Propeller flow meters
  • Thermal mass flow meters
  • Turbine and oval gear flow meters
  • Ultrasonic flow meters
  • Variable area flow meters
  • Vortex flow meters

Mechanical and Electrical Flow Meter Installation

Startup and Commissioning for Leading Brands

Our team of engineers have experience working with leading flow equipment manufacturers. These include; Brooks Instrument, FLEXIM, McCrometer, Flomec, and Fluid Components International among others. Take a look at our lineup:

We can also offer quarterly and annual maintenance and calibration contracts if it’s more convenient to outsource the care and upkeep of your new equipment.

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