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Hoist Inspection and Verification

Hoisting and lift systems are important devices allowing operators to move and manipulate extremely heavy materials in a variety of different industrial settings. They come in an assortment of models and capacities, allowing operators to efficiently obtain the results they need without having to maneuver excess equipment.

Whether using an overhead fully automated trolley hoist or a handheld manual in-line chain hoist, it’s important to inspect these devices regularly to ensure materials remain held in place without slipping or falling entirely. In addition to regular service such as inspection and verification, many operations use chain hosts and lift systems in tandem with a force gauge such as a calibrated force dynamometer to ensure an overload does not occur.

J.A. King provides hoist inspection and verification with ISO 17025 accredited force generation and measurement up to 120,000 lbs. In addition to visual inspection, our technicians can generate a known load with our NIST traceable master standards and report over time any loss in strength of hold.

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