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Bore Gauge Calibration

Bore gauges are used to accurately measure the inside diameter or bore size of an object and come in types such as dial bore gages, digital or electronic bore gauges, and vernier bore gauges. Depending on gauge type, measurements are made either directly using multi-point contact and measurement, or an indirect measurement with a secondary master standard such as a micrometer or caliper. J.A. King offers bore gauge calibration for all these types in both metric and imperial units, using NIST traceable standards.

Since most bore gauges have moving parts and/or internal mechanisms, it is good practice to have them calibrated or checked on intervals correlated to frequency of use, storage conditions, age of equipment, etc. Over time components can wear out and may cause out of tolerance readings.

Our precision measurement technicians have years of experience working with bore gauges of all types and use carefully designed procedures for accurate and repetitive measurements. Whether you’re working with telescopic bore gages, small hole bore gauges, or beam type bore gauges, or all of the above, J.A. King can help ensure your measurements are accurate.

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Bore Gauge Providers

Check out some of the most popular brands and manufacturers of bore gauges that we calibrate, repair, and sell:

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