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Grain Handling and Commodity Distribution

Solutions to protect your profits

Tight margins, increasing demand and volatile market conditions combine to make grain handling and commodity distribution more information-driven than ever.  You must know exactly what you are trading and how much of it you have. Cross products like truck scales, moisture analyzers, protein analyzers and more can help you ensure you have the data to make informed decisions.  All our products can be networked together or into other systems for direct data input, eliminating human error and preventing fraud.

For a new grain industry sites or complete refurbishments, Cross can provide a complete turnkey solution, including truck scales, unattended driver kiosks, grain probes, moisture analyzers and more.  Visit our products page for more information.

Like all measurement equipment, grain handling scales, hopper scales and analyzers must be calibrated regularly to ensure they are measuring accurately.  In addition, Dickey-JOHN moisture analyzers will need their calibration routines updated from time to time.  Our experienced technicians can keep all your equipment up and running and in calibration for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

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Providing Tangible Value

  • Improve Profitability: Make sure your equipment is measuring every single grain of product correctly to maximize your profits.
  • Improve Efficiency: Unattended weighing solutions increase throughput, thereby improving efficiency.
  • Maximize uptime:  Keep all your grain measurement equipment up and running with regular service and calibration.
Gamet Grain Probe

A range of expertise for the grain industry

No matter which part of the grain industry you’re in, from farm to elevator to processor, Cross is here to help. We offer a range of products, services and complete solutions for the grain handling industry. Take a look at each below:



Products for the grain handling and commodity distribution industry

Reliable and accurate products maximize your uptime and protect your profits

Services for the grain handling industry

Make sure your equipment is up, running and measuring accurately

Grain Industry Resources

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Grain Industry News and Events

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Still offering the same world class customer service since 1939, J.A. King is now a part of the Cross Company family. This means our customers have even more support as our capability continues to grow. As always, reach out to our team if you have any questions, and take a look at all we now have to offer! Interested in a quote?