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Grain and Seed Protein Analyzers

The German-made Agricheck protein analyzer is a cost effective solution for grain and seed analysis. This grain protein tester is incredibly robust, with only a single moving part, and uses a single channel, double beam mode of measurement to ensure precision performing whole grain and seed analysis on wheat, rice, soy, canola, oats and more.

Key features include:

  • Fixed pathlength cell (22mm) is capable of measuring a wide range of grains
  • Patented sample feed insures accurate measurements
  • Dynamic Range Extender extends sample coverage with fixed pathlength
  • Optional reflectance mode for bakery products and powders
  • ~40 second analysis time with 10 subsamples
  • Fully transferable calibrations between instruments

Options for the Agricheck include:

  • Reflectance – The top mounted reflectance port allows for measurement of fine powers such as flour, tea, coffee, spices, and other powders.
  • Grain density – This integrates with the instrument to automatically provide grain density which is incorporated into the report
  • Temperature – Measures the temperature of the grain which is incorporated into the report
AgriCheck Analyzer

Grain and Seed Protein Analyzer Provider

J.A. King is an authorized distributor for Bruins Instruments for grain and seed protein analyzers

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