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Salt Spray Testing

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In the research and development of materials prone to corrosion, salt fog testing, more commonly referred to as salt spray testing, helps determine the resistance of material to corrosion in extreme conditions such as the coastal environments or on roadways where de-icing involves salt. Materials frequently tested are metallic coatings, anodic oxide coatings, or metals and their alloys.

Industry-wide testing standards such as the ASTM B117 and ISO 9227 testing methods have been introduced to regulate the ways in which salt spray testing parameters are met, mainly involving the controlled corrosive environment, exposure duration, and solutions used in testing.

Cross testing engineers can perform both Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) testing and copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray (CASS) testing in separate chambers which allow us to test a large variety of materials. For more information about our salt spray testing services click on the button below to learn more or schedule a consultation today.


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