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Vehicle Occupancy Detection Testing

Vehicle occupancy detection testing, or occupancy suppression testing, is an important part of the research and development of new passenger vehicles. Requirements set forth by governments and organizations around the world require or strongly encourage some form of occupancy testing for motor vehicles such as private passenger vehicles and commercial passenger vehicles like trucks or busses.

As OEMs aim to make their vehicles safer, and push their tier one and even tier two suppliers to provide more reliable parts, testing becomes crucial to ensure occupants are safe. There are several aspects of testing standards such as the 49 CRF 571.208 which provide data for this research.

Parts S19 and S20 of the 49 CFR 571.208 standard, for example, target safety concerns with infants, children, and 5th percentile adult female occupants regarding injury from safety mechanisms such as air bag deployment. Tests are required to be performed at multiple seating configurations, so no matter which configuration, an occupant is detected and safe.

With new vehicles requiring a suppression feature to protect against this risk, Cross can provide testing for seat airbag sensor technology to determine the functionality of such equipment.

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