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Ingress Protection Testing

Ingress Protection Testing Services

Ingress protection testing (or IP testing) is performed to determine a product’s susceptibility to ingress from solid particles (i.e. sand, dust, or others) and water (i.e. waterproof testing). After performing these tests, the product is given an ingress protection rating, or an IP rating. This rating is used to determine the degree of protection a surface, seam, or enclosure provides against external fluid, dust, or anything that could potentially infiltrate the object.

Though ingress protection testing is often considered voluntary, there are many viable reasons to have ingress procedures performed on your part or product. For instance, many suppliers and other purchasers require an IP rating before they’ll purchase for distribution. Additionally, regulations on certain products may stipulate IP rating requirements before active distribution.

At Cross Testing, we can perform expert ingress protection testing procedures to ensure that your products are as resilient as they need to be. Our ingress protection test equipment allows us to perform testing to a variety of standards. Testing services through Cross can also be custom-tailored to the unique requirements of your product or production process.

Ingress Testing Procedure and Applications

Different products require differing levels of testing as well as different types of ingress testing. When looking at potential points of ingress on a product, the first thing that will be checked is any seams. Where two parts of a component meet can be a particularly exposed area, allowing water, particles, sand, or even fingers to enter. And with many products, this can result in damage or even failure for the product.

That’s why it’s important to work with a professional ingress protection test company like Cross. We’ll work directly with you to determine the levels of ingress necessary for your product to be compliant and operate as intended. Our experts can devise custom ingress testing procedures for your product as well as perform industry-standard ingress protection tests.

No matter the industry you serve, Cross has a service that can help.

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IP Testing for Water, Dust, and More

For many products, insulation from outside elements like sand, dust, or water is essential to optimal performance. Performing ingress testing procedures on your product or subassembly is a reliable means of ensuring that the product will operate as expected when it’s in the field or on the market. There are many different standards when it comes to IP testing, but some of them include

  • MIL-STD-810 (Military Equipment)
  • RTCA/DO-160 (Radio Technical Commission for Aerospace)
  • IEC 60529 (International Electrotechnical)
  • And many others

An expert ingress testing company will be able to reliably check your equipment for potential leaks, faults, seam-gaps, and many other factors that could cause trouble down the line. Ingress testing has many uses when it comes to safety, functionality, and compliance. The tests will also determine the IP rating that can be given to your product as established in ANSI test standard IEC 60529. These tests are performed for both solid bodies and for liquids, so you can be sure your product is as airtight as you need it to be.

Ingress Protection Regulatory Compliance

Seam Ingress Testing

Ingress Testing Under Temperature and Pressure

IP Testing Conditions

Procedures for Ingress Protection Regulatory Compliance

Some ingress testing procedures are conducted using a variety of temperature and pressure settings. This is an important component of a successful test, as the temperature of the environment the product may be exposed to may be different from the production environment of the product. Furthermore, contact with water can also cause significant damage to the internal pressure of a product, leading to malfunction or failure. Not only are these dangers for end user satisfaction, they may also be compliance issues.

In America and Canada, there are many products that fall under recognized engineering standards. For instance, UL or CSA standards require indication of an IP rating. This includes products such as computers, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, electrical appliances, and many others.

Distributors may also require an IP rating from a manufacturer, meaning the manufacturer must meet these requirements to be in compliance with the seller. For many, these aren’t considerations that can be worked around.

Our experts will work directly with you to ensure that your product, component, or part is getting all the tests it needs to guarantee success. We’ll devise a testing schedule and provide any necessary documentation showing how your product performed under test conditions. While also providing suggestions for better performance in the future.

At Cross, we have much to offer our customers and partners in terms of added value. And we can offer that value to your operation, too. Contact Cross Testing today to discuss the testing services your product needs and devise a comprehensive testing plan.

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Finding Ingress Protection Testing Facilities

Test results are only as reliable as the equipment performing them. So in order to provide total quality assurance to our customers, we always aim to utilize the most accurate testing equipment available to us. Our aim is for our tests to be accurate, repeatable, and traceable.

Our ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratories are equipped with a wide range of testing equipment, from environmental chambers to high speed video capture. With our equipment, personnel, and expertise, Cross Testing has become an extension of the product testing and development team for many operations across dozens of industries.

When it comes to products, materials, or components testing, our investments into our lab equipment and technicians have set a high standard for accuracy and reliability. Our comprehensive range of testing equipment, technical expertise, and our level of flexibility allows us to provide the tests our customers need. Whether it’s testing to ensure factory standards are met, custom testing solutions, or industry-standard tests (such as durability or hardness), Cross can provide the services you’re looking for.

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Why Cross Testing?

At Cross, the most important thing to us is the success of our customers. That’s why we go out of our way to design custom testing solutions that ensure future production success for every single one of them. All while also offering world-class customer service. And when you combine those two factors with industry-leading expertise and a cutting-edge testing lab, you get a winning combination.

Our ISO 17025 accredited testing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico can provide you with product testing, materials testing, environmental testing, lifecycle testing, and many other testing services. Whether it’s for automotive, aerospace, consumer products, pharmaceutical, or a wide range of other industries, we can help.

There’s a reason so many companies and manufacturers across so many industries choose to work with Cross Testing again and again. Contact us today and we’ll give you a reason to keep coming back, too.

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Offering a range of testing services from our testing laboratories in the U.S. and Mexico. Learn more about the expert testing procedures performed in our state-of-the-art facilities. We can provide you with actionable data about your parts or materials so that you can make the best decisions for your product, your production process, and your end users. We can also provide calibration services, inspection services, and metrology products through our network of ISO 17025 accredited precision measurement labs.


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