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Coating Adhesion Testing

Coating adhesion testing or paint adhesion testing is used to determine the adhesion of coatings such as paint to different substrates in order to determine the effectiveness of its bond. Since different substrates can have unique effects on the coating adhesion, it’s important for certain product formulas to be tested for quality.

Adhesion testing can be performed a couple of different ways. Cross performs testing to the ASTM D3359 standard which specifies two main methods. Method A involves making an “X” cut into the material with a special tool and then testing adhesion by applying a pressure sensitive tape which is then removed in a specific manner.

Method B also involves making multiple cuts into the material using a special tool. However, the cuts are made in a specific cross hatch pattern which is why the test is given the name “cross hatch”. Adhesion of material is then tested by applying pressure sensitive tape and removing in a specific manner. For more information about coating adhesion testing with Cross, fill out our contact form to learn more or schedule a test today!

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