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Airbag Systems Testing

Airbag Testing Services

Today, airbags are a critical component in all manufactured cars and many other human-operated vehicles. Passive safety systems such as airbags play an integral role in the safety of the operator, any passengers, and the occupants of other vehicles. Since they’re so important, they also must pass a variety of tests before they can be installed into vehicles. That airbag testing service is something Cross Testing can provide.

Our fully accredited ISO/IEC 17025 testing facilities offer a variety of airbag testing and validation services, including airbag disposal, airbag system deployment testing, occupancy testing, and occupancy detection testing. We can perform these tests using state-of-the-art testing laboratory facilities and recognized airbag testing procedures. We make use of high-speed cameras, data logging equipment, walk-in chambers, and other industry-standard testing equipment.

At Cross, accurate testing is our top priority. We want to ensure the safety of any passive safety system in vehicles while also providing the necessary data to validate that safety. If you’re looking for airbag testing and safety validation services, Cross can help.

Cross Airbag Testing Services

As it’s so important for airbags to deploy safely and successfully, we provide a wide range of airbag testing services for our customers. Our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing facilities are equipped with the chambers, cameras, data monitors, and experts required to provide comprehensive reports on airbag functionality and safety.

We can provide validation, disposal services, deployment testing, and even occupancy testing to make sure the airbag system is correctly reading the amount of passengers in the vehicle, and thus able to deploy accordingly.

At Cross, we’ve worked with many automotive manufacturers as well as other operations that make use of airbag systems as part of their passive safety requirements. And we can perform those services for you, too.

Contact one of our experts to learn how we can help. Or take a look at our airbag testing services and find the one that you need for your operation.

Cross can not only ensure that your airbag system will operate as intended when the time comes, but also that the system will be able to keep all occupants safe. Make sure your passive safety systems meet safety requirements for all occupants.

Airbag Validation and Occupancy Testing →

Our airbag deployment testing can provide data points on expansion velocity, chemical reactions, tear seam locations, and many other factors using high-speed video capture and fully-equipped testing chambers.

Airbag System Deployment Testing →

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What Is Airbag Testing?

Airbag testing procedures can be divided into several areas of testing. These divisions are to ensure that the airbag is designed and stored properly, that its components work individually and in tandem, and that it operates as expected when installed into a vehicle.

First, testing is performed on the components of the bag module.This can include the bag itself (its folding, material, and vents), the ignitor, and the gas generator system. We ensure that the chain reaction occurs as expected when conditions are met. And we also ensure that there is no lack of response when conditions are met.

The second level involves checking the components of the bag itself. This also includes volume checks for the gases and the bag itself while verifying volume and time of deployment.

The third level of testing involves testing the airbag while it is integrated into the storage component within the vehicle, ensuring proper applicable functionality. The goal of this testing is to make sure the airbag is still able to deploy when in real-life conditions and within the environment it will eventually be in.

In addition to these validation services, we can dispose of any airbags and also ensure that they’re registering vehicle occupancy correctly.

Cross airbag testing is a comprehensive and thorough process that can validate your airbag safety while also ensuring complete functionality and compliance.

Precision Airbag Testing Equipment

Front airbags have been required to be in all new passenger vehicles since 1999. While side airbags aren’t specifically required, they have also become standard to meet federal safety requirements for side protection. This means that nearly all vehicles on the road today are equipped with not just one but multiple airbags. With the prevalence of these passive safety systems, it is absolutely necessary that they operate as intended.

Front airbags reduce driver fatalities by almost 30% when they operate correctly. Our job is to make sure that correct operation occurs through providing accurate characterization of both airbags and airbag components necessary for reliable operation.

Though cars are one of the most common places airbags are found, they aren’t the only vehicles that make use of them. Airbags are also found in aerospace, construction equipment, military vehicles, and many others.

When it comes to airbag testing, Cross can provide all the services you need to ensure compliance and continued safety.

Airbag Disposal Services

Safe disposal of airbags post-testing or post-deployment. We can remove any airbag waste safely and efficiently

Airbag Deployment Testing

We can provide valuable data on deployment speed, chemical reactions, seams, and many other considerations

Airbag Validation

Ensure that when they’re needed, your airbags deploy. We can validate your airbag performance

Alternating Climate Testing Applications

There are a number of industries who can benefit from alternating climate test services. How a product or component will perform in varying climates is often an important consideration for many product designers and manufacturers. If a product can’t be trusted to perform in differing climates, then the manufacturers may have a large problem on their hands.

If your product is intended for a wide range of distribution, it’s critical that it be able to perform in any climate it may find itself in. That’s the service that Cross is able to provide.

For instance, an automotive manufacturer needs to ensure that their product is able to withstand alternating climatic conditions on a global scale. What works in a hot, arid climate may not perform as well in a warm, humid climate. Or a part designed to withstand cold climates may not be able to withstand desert temperatures. Overlooking these considerations can cause significant problems down the road, from loss of customer confidence to an expensive recall. Avoid those pitfalls with professional alternating climate testing (ACT) services.

Safe Disposal Services

Onsite Deployment Testing

High Speed Video Capture

Validation Services

Occupancy Testing


The Airbag Testing You Need

At Cross, something we specialize in is custom solutions. If you have an airbag test you need, we want you to get it. There often isn’t a one-size-fits-all test that can be performed on every single item or product. That’s something we get. So if you have custom needs, we have a custom solution.

We’ve provided airbag testing solutions to manufacturers across a variety of industries, including

Why Cross Airbag Testing?

At Cross, we’ve provided airbag safety testing and validation services for many in the industrial and consumer product worlds. We’ve worked directly with our customers to devise the right regimen of tests under the right conditions to provide all necessary information. Whether it’s to meet regulatory requirements, ensure compliance, or guarantee safety, we have a test that can help.

We also believe that the only thing as important as accurate testing results is world-class customer service. That involves not only working directly with our customers throughout the process, but also providing comprehensive and actionable data (all with the quickest turnaround time possible).

When you work with Cross, you’re getting more than just test results.

Contact us today to learn more about what sets Cross Testing apart and work with us to develop a testing schedule that works for your operation.

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