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Robotic automation for industrial manufacturing can’t be ignored. More and more major manufacturers have adopted industrial robotics and automated solutions. As these robot systems become more prevalent, it’s become apparent that even small-volume productions can be successfully automated. With a wide array of products, services, and custom robotic solutions, the Cross robotics team is your single-source industrial robot provider.

Manufacturing Automation Services From Cross


Our robotics team is here to make sure you get the most out of your investment in automation. We do this by utilizing quick-to-deploy solutions that lower production costs, eliminate ergonomic-related injury, and reduce quality problems.

Cross’s industry-leading technical experience can help you find the right products for any process. Or if you need a customized solution, we’re here to help with that, as well. Working with leading brands, we’re committed to providing the best automated solution for your manufacturing process. Backed by our world-class customer service, of course.

Cross Robotics Providers

Getting the Production Speed You Need


Automation solutions aren’t just something that benefits the bottom line. A well-integrated robotic system can also create opportunities for productivity raises, increase workplace safety, and cut down on production time.

Increase Productivity


Robotic systems have the capacity to increase productivity on virtually any manufacturing line. With the ability to to perform the same task over and over without any breaks (automating repetitive tasks), these robot systems can revolutionize a production line.

Increase Workplace Safety


Industrial robotic systems can also significantly improve safety in the workplace and on the production floor. An efficient system is able to remove human beings from the most dangerous or injury-prone aspects of a manufacturing process.

Improve Cycle Time

Between speed and precision, an automated robotic system is one of the most efficient ways to truly optimize your cycle time. Through rapid, predictable performance, they’re able to cut down on wasted time while increasing a company’s profit margin.

See how our automation team can help improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce risk in your operation

Is Robotic Automation Right for Your Operation?

Are you a small to mid-sized manufacturing operation facing the challenges of low-volume, high-mix production? You may be wondering if robots are right for your operation. Take a look at our Universal Robots guide and answer five questions to find out!
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