Brooks Instrument



Brooks Instrument is a trusted partner because our flow, pressure and vaporization instrumentation is more than accurate. It is reliable. Stable. Repeatable. Durable. It's proven year after year, decade after decade, in the most demanding industrial and electronic manufacturing systems. It continuously incorporates innovations that move measurement and control technology to new levels of flexibility and precision.

  • World's largest installed base of mass flow controllers; one of the most trusted suppliers of mass flow technology to the global semiconductor industry.
  • Brooks holds over 150 active patents, so our product portfolio incorporates multiple patented advances in fundamental fluid measurement and control technology.
  • Innovative companies such as Tylan, UNIT Instruments and Celerity, pioneers in developing MFC technology as well as pressure measurement and control technology, are now part of the broad family of Brooks products.
  • Many Brooks products are available with national laboratory-calibration traceability and certification, recognized hazardous area approvals, pressure boundary certifications, material certifications and more.

Cross Company is your Brooks Instrument Representative.

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