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For nearly 50 years, Honeywell Analytics has been protecting people who put their lives on the line every day. They are determined to find better ways to design, build and manufacture reliable gas detection solutions. Through advanced technology and pure industry know-how, Honeywell Analytics continues to improve and evolve our products and offers everything from custom-designed gas detection solutions to unmatched training and support. Honeywell Analytics is simply the smartest choice when you demand the best in safety.

Cross offers Honeywell gas detection products throughout our territory in middle and eastern Tennessee. As one of the worlds leaders in gas detection, we proudly support their products. Take a look at some of our featured offerings from Honeywell Analytics:

Gas Detection

Automation Solutions

Interested in getting a quote for an Honeywell Analytics solution? Our team of experts have worked with customers in a wide range of process applications across multiple industries. With such a variety of options available, finding the right solution is important. We can work with your team to determine the best solution your operation. Start a conversation with a Cross expert today!  


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