100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

100% Employee Owned, Founded 1954

FLUXUS F401 Portable Flow Meter

FLUXUS F401 Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter 1

Product Overview

The FLUXUS F401 from Flexim is a portable flow meter designed for long-term field measurement situations. Depending on programming, the FLUXUS F401 can operate autonomously for long periods, up to several months. This makes it perfect for leak detection investigations and hydraulic studies – anywhere regular, long-term measurements are needed.

The flow and safety technologies experts at Cross have years of experience providing our customers with a range of solutions. We currently offer FLEXIM products throughout our territories in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC area. Discuss your project with our team today and get a quote for a FLUXUS F401 series!

FLUXUS F401 Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter 2


  • Several months battery-powered operation time
  • Extremely robust design
  • Ideal for long field campaigns
  • Metal cable sheathing
  • Permanent coupling pads
  • IP68 transducers


  • Operating temperature of the transmitter: -10 °C … 50 °C
  • Operating temperature of the transducers at pipe wall: -40 °C … 100 °C
  • Degree of protection Transmitter: IP67
  • Degree of protection Transducers: IP68
  • Outputs: 1x Current, 1x Binary
  • Communication Interface: RS232 / USB (with adapter)
  • Pipe diameter range: 40 mm … 3 m
  • Flow velocity range: 0,01 … 25 m/s
  • Measurement accuracy: ±2.0 % of reading ±0,01 m/s
  • Repeatability: 0.25 % of reading ±0,01 m/s
  • Medium: water with <6% gaseous or solid content by volume


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