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Laboratory Pad – Thermosol Range


The test fabric padded by the horizontal pneumatic-type Padder is held on its both ends by special clip bars. This complete sample holder is again mounted on the chains which are running endlessly through the Machine. The test fabric is firstly led through the infra-Red Pre-Heater, then the intermediate Dryer and finally the Thermosoling zone. After testing, the test fabric is taken off automatically from the carrying chains and drops down into the reserve box.

KFG LaboratoryPad ThermosolRange


  • Size of test fabric: Max. 230 mm by 400 mm L
  • Type of Padding Mangle: Horizontal
  • Size of Padding Rollers: 125 mm by 300 mm wide (x 2) Material Hardness 70 shore
  • Roller Weighing System: Pneumatic Diaphragm Type Max. applicable Nip
  • Pressure: 3 tons at 5 kg/cm2
  • Compressed Air Supply: 5 bar
  • Type: 12 Infra – Red Ray Heaters with Reflection Plates arranged in two rows
  • Electric Heater Capacity: 3 Phase, 4.8KW with 2-Stage Switch for 6 Heater
  • Full Capacity Length of Setting Zone: 900 mm
  • Accessories: 70-120 mm Interval adjusting device
  • Fluid Bed: 100 cc Capacity with 4 x Cross and Rotary Type Guide Bars
  • Total Electric Consumption: Approx. 25 KW, 380V x 3PH x 50HZ
  • Machine Dimension: 3,000 x 1,200 x 2880mm ( L x W x H)
  • Machine weight: 1,600Kg

Accessories and Other Information


  • Air Pressure Regulators
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Air Filter
  • Water Shower Head
  • Safety Devices

Intermediate Dryer

  • Length of Drying Zone: 1,800 mm
  • Maximum Temperature: 150℃ by Automatic
  • Control System Heater Capacity: 3 Phase 10 kW
  • Fan Motor: 3 Phase 0.75 KW, Hot-Air Circulation with Vary-Speed Control


  • Length of Thermosol Zone: 1,500 mm
  • Maximum Temperature: 250℃ by Automatic
  • Control System Heater Capacity: 3 Phase 10 KW
  • Fan Motor: 3 Phase 0.75 KW, Hot-Air Circulation with Vary-Speed Control

Processing Time

  • Thermosoling Zone: 30 seconds to 2 minutes (Standard)
  • intermediate Dryer: 36 to 150 seconds
  • Pre-Heater: 18 to 72 seconds

Other Attachments and Accessories

  • Clip Chain Driving Device Padding Mangle Driving Device Fabric Detaching Device
  • Test Fabric Clip Bars ( x 20 pcs.)
  • Control Panel 1 Set

Driving Motor

  • 3 Phase 0.75KW 4-pole Motor, Speed Variation by inverter

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