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Product Spotlight – Mountz FGC Cam-Over Wrench

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Product Spotlight - Mountz FGC Cam-Over Wrench 1


Prevent over torquing with the FGC Cam-Over Wrench from Mountz. Introducing the next generation in cam-over technology. Ideal for manufacturing and maintenance applications, FGC tools from Mounts can stay within calibration up to two times longer than ISO 6789 requirements. J.A. King customers will benefit from the accuracy and precision needed to increase efficiency, reduce risk and improve quality. The FCG Cam over wrench features:

  • Poka-yoke torque wrench prevents over torque
  • Product Spotlight - Mountz FGC Cam-Over Wrench 2Accuracy and precision delivered for all tightening applications
  • Calibration life 2x ISO standards
  • Unmatched quality you can count on
  • Two-year unlimited warranty
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

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For more information about the FCG Cam-Over wrench from Mountz, contact a J.A. King team member and get a quote!

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