Improving OEM Design-to-Commissioning Time with Servo Solutions

Steve Dickerson | January 23rd, 2017

Among the biggest problems facing OEM’s and machine builders today is the quest for higher performance and feature levels while limiting costs and reducing overall panel space. As technology advances so can cost and complexity, which ultimately affects design-to-commissioning time.

When it comes to precision motion control solutions and high output servo systems for OEM’s, the price vs. performance and reliability tradeoffs are extremely important. So is simple installation, operation, and maintenance. All of these are necessary to be competitive in the marketplace. Other issues are the high cost of accessories, cables, breakouts, and adapters and the uncertainty of whether or not you have all necessary parts and pieces on hand when completing a system or commissioning a machine.

Less Frustration for High Volume OEMs

Omron set out to design a servo solution specifically for the OEM market to supplement their standard G5 Servo Series, and address all of these issues, mentioned above. Their goal was to optimize the design-to-commissioning time for the OEM using customer-driven features in a general purpose servo system. With fewer parts and pieces and a smaller footprint to reduce required mounting space, it is still compatible with their existing industry leading Sysmac Solution.

The result is the Omron 1S Servo that now offers more capabilities than their existing servo lines and eliminates external hardware to simplify the design. Those easily forgotten, separately ordered components - such as braking relays and absolute encoder battery and cable - are no longer needed. Often these were ordered later, were lost, or “borrowed”, delaying commissioning and delivery dates.

The Omron 1S Servo eliminates up to 20% of hidden servo system costs by no longer requiring these parts, as well as others like connector and I/O breakouts.

Omron 1S Servo | Cross Company

Built for High Volume OEMs

  • 2- to 4-axis machines, multiple machine builds
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Savings in panel space, commissioning, fewer components
  • One software package, one program to maintain
  • Quick setup wizard

High Accuracy Machine OEM Features Include Omron 1S Servo | Cross Company

  • Gear-less / battery-less multi-turn 23-bit absolute encoder, 16-bit multi-turn
  • Advanced Dynamic Control, EtherCAT (125 us)
  • Advanced tuning to shorten settling time
  • Complete solution including input, logic, outputs and robots
  • Safety over network FSoE:STO and Safety via I/O: STO
  • Pluggable connectors with screw-less direct wiring
  • Integrated brake relay
  • Side by side mounting and constant drive height to save space

Save Money with 1S

The Omron 1S Servo no longer requires these parts:

  • Servodrive controller cable (CN1)
  • Terminal block (CN1)
  • Safety cable (CN8)
  • Brake relay
  • Absolute encoder battery and cable

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