Ethernet/IP added to MDrive Motion Systems - Will Interface with Rockwell & Omron

Robin Daughtry | March 2nd, 2012

The IMS/Schneider MDrive EtherNet/IP

Low Cost Solution & a Wide Range of Industrial Motion Control Applications

In a recent interview with, Supplier Partner IMS / Schneider's Paul Kling (VP Sales & Marketing SEM USA) states the "MDrive EtherNet/IP solutions allow machine builders and OEMs to seamlessly and simultaneously control and configure intelligent motion control devices over one network. The result is a fast, robust and efficient method to control an unlimited number of motion centric axes anywhere on a machine or plant floor."

IMS/Schneider Lexium MDrive Demo by Karl Bentz

MDrive EtherNet/IP Motion Systems features:

  • Integrated motor
  • Drive & programmable I/O with standardized IP addressing eliminating complicated wiring and programming of traditional multi-drop systems
  • Standard RJ45 connectors and CAT5/6 cabling simplify connectivity


  • Configuration port provided for setting the IP address
  • Windows-based TCP/IP Configuration Utility sets parameters and assembly object mapping
  • Adherence to established protocol standards enables the networking of products from different manufacturers, without the need for special interface adaption
  • As an adapter class device the MDrive EtherNet/IP products are capable of explicit or implicit messaging

The Hybrid Motion Technology, a hardware-based system delivering the benefits of servo and stepper motors, offers unique capabilities and enhancements over both. This technology’s real-time response delivers smooth movement while eliminating unintentional stalling, saves energy and lowers heat with Variable Current Setting, enables operation at 100% of motor torque, and can operate in Torque Mode which is unique for stepper motors.

Will Interface with Rockwell & Omron

IMS/Schneider is a valued supplier partner with Cross.

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