Direct Drive Servo System & Performance for the Same Price as a Precision Screw Actuator?

Steve Dickerson | September 1st, 2017

Akribis Systems Offers Solutions in Direct Drive Motors including Linear Direct Drive, Rotary & Compact Rotary Direct Drive, and Voice Coil Direct Drive

Akribis is in the business of designing and manufacturing motors, stages, and precision systems that are used in high speed and precision equipment for manufacturing, inspection and testing. Their solutions are compatible with most servo drives manufactured today and offer exceptional performance at competitive pricing when compared to precision screw and traditional mechanical motion systems.

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The advantages of Akribis Next Generation Technology include:

  • High Precision Direct Drive - No lost motion through couplings & gearing
  • Extreme Speed - Linear & Voice Coil Motors feature zero cogging & zero backlash
  • Extreme Stability - High load capacity & robust structures for high load handling
  • Excellent Power Density - High torque with low inertia - high force & stiffness
  • Solid Motion - Fast response & settling with smooth motion even at low speeds 
  • Versatile Design - Multiple diameters, large center holes, low profile versions
  • Flexibility - Custom designs, multi-axis systems & multi-encoder options available
  • Competitive Pricing - All of these engineering features at the prices of traditional motion systems using older less capable technology

Call or contact the Cross Motion Solutions Group today to discuss the Akribis technology and see how you may be able to upgrade to Direct Drive Linear and Rotary performance for the cost of what you currently use. We Make Motion Work!

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