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Chad Hayden | October 24th, 2016

Have you ever thought when you buy something new, “Is this clean or dirty?” Especially when you buy something for the home or kitchen, like new cups or cooking utensils, which may have been sitting on a shelf for weeks collecting dust and germs.

What about how you wash new items? If you were to buy a new car, would you come home and wash it with a dirty rag and bucket? Probably not!

The same logic applies for hydraulic hose and tubing. I wouldn’t want someone putting a dirty hose or tube on my expensive equipment! Today’s hydraulic systems move at higher speeds and are more sensitive to low levels of contamination. Even a tiny amount of contamination can cause a decline in the performance by as much as 20% before the operator notices a change. That’s like missing 1 day out of the work week!

Dirty Ultra Clean Pellets | Cross Company

Of all the oil-lubricated assets found in equipment and industrial plants, hydraulic systems are by far the most sensitive to contamination. Simply put, if kept clean, they will run reliably. If allowed to get dirty, problems will occur. The reason for this sensitivity are the components used in hydraulic systems - cylinders, motors, valves, and pumps. They have tight clearances and even the smallest particles or water can cause problems.

Hydraulic tubing can be just as bad when not properly cared for. Bending, flaring, and de-burring all leave both visible and microscopic particles inside the line that can effectively destroy precision parts on equipment. All of this could cause serious damage to you and your equipment.

Ultra Clean Technologies

Here at Cross Hose & Fittings, we have thought about this and invested in equipment that will clean every Parker hydraulic hose and tube assembly that we fabricate.

When the hose is cut to length with a metal blade, a lot of heat is generated. This heat causes the rubber dust and metal particles to stick to the hose tube as they cool. We immediately clean the hose after the cutting process - before the contaminates cool and stick - to get the best results.

How Ultra Clean works | Cross Company

Then we shoot an Ultra Clean projectile through the hose, one in each direction through the length of the hose. After the fittings are crimped on the ends, we seal the assembly with a Clean Seal Capsule to keep airborne contaminants out and protect the threads. These capsules are pretty simple and can be removed easily when you get ready to install your new Parker hose. If you have to pull your hose through a dirty machine, keep the caps on until you’re ready to connect the ends!

Ultra Clean Shrink Wrap | Cross Company

I hope this blog has made you think differently about having your hoses cleaned. When you are in one of Cross Company’s Hose & Fittings locations, just ask to see the dirty pellets that come out of your new hose. We will be happy to show you the dirt that comes out and I think you may be surprised!

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