Electro Mechanical & Precision Motion Control

Tap into our application expertise to solve your complex motion control requirements. With decades of hands-on experience, we've provided hundreds of custom solutions utilizing the finest technology the market has to offer. Cross Company is an extension of our customers' design team, unburdening them from unique challenges of designing and implementing motion control solutions.

Once the mechanics are designed correctly, we can fill in the blanks from the gripper all the way back to and including the control cabinet and HMI. Over the past 30+ years, Cross Company has earned the reputation for being the go-to solution provider for electro-mechanical positioning solutions.


We serve many industries including Food & Beverage, Packaging Machinery, Medical/Life Sciences, Specialty Machinery and Defense/ Security. 

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Mechanical Solutions

  • Precision positioners
  • Gantries (including plant wide) 
  • Rod & rodless actuators
  • Gear reducers
  • Positioning components
  • Linear servo systems
  • Components
  • Rails & bearings
  • Cable management

Servo, Stepper and Drive


  • Multi-Axis Controllers
  • Stand-Alone Motion Controllers
  • Programmable Automation Controllers
  • Servo and Stepper Drives and Motors
  • Direct Drive Linear and Rotary Motors

Machine Controls and PLCs


  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Fieldbus I/O
  • Operator Interface
  • Power Monitoring
  • Temperature Controllers